Greed & Fun! A Pet Society Philippines Year-Ender Report Part I

Its that time of the year again! :)

i am personally proud that this site made it through the tough times this year. the tough times include Pet Society Developers keeps on changing minds, those hackers and of course i also got a life beyond this game.

when 2009 ended i told myself, i might quit Pet Society and this blog all together sometime in 2010 because i need to focus on my life. well as you know it didn't happen. :)

i also managed to keep the site going beyond my busy schedule i hired people who help me update the blog. but now i think im secured and i have time to update this site everyday.

This site made a milestone this year... according to Google Analitics, to date we have 1.5 million pageviews ALL AROUND THE GLOBE. and our Fan Page has alot of new likes everyday! :)

i compiled everything that has happened this year. this is part 1 since it took me literally 2 hours last night to write down everything :)) and yes, Part two is about to come tomorrow hopefully if i can write it down later.

i hope you will read everything below so you have an idea what happened this year in this game.

Week of January 9: Pet Society released HUSKY PLUSHIE where everybody was confused if it was Cat or a dog. [for related article (click me)] i always believe that it was a cat! lol
Week of January 15: They also started giving away Free gifts to people who always log in [for related article (click me)] The Teddy is Quite Cute! this is one of those giveaways this year.

Week of January 27: Magnificent Mystery Box was introduced in the game where you can buy this box worth 5 Playfish Cash and you can get old and trashy items inside! :) [for related article (click me)] This was the sign that Pet Society Team wants MORE. MORE AND MORE MONEY FROM ITS PLAYERS! Because why do they have to release OLD items in a way that we will pay for it?

Week of January 27: Two staffs from this blog got hacked. [for related article (click me) and (click me)] You guys should always Clear Cache if your on a public Computer and you must not add random friends.... and yes, please refrain using stupid passwords so that you wont get hack! :D

Week of January 28: Extra secret rooms was introduced in the game. Secret Garden was the first Extra Room to be released [for related article (click me)] So far people got annoyed because you have to spend a total of 65 Playfish Cash, thats roughly 11 Dollars just to get this Secret Room with only 2 PLOTS on it! again, this is an indication that Playfish wants moer money from us!

Week of January 30: Everybody was quite surprised when a feed from the official Pet Society Page was up telling us there was a Surprise New Feature that is coming very soon in the game. [for related article (click me)]

Week of February 8: The feed that told us that there is a new feature coming was all along Little Pets for our Pets. that is to say, we can adopt a pet. the feature is called Petling [for related article (click me)] it was fun adopting and raising Petling but somehow people got annoyed because you have to feed them or else they will be hungry and if you really dont care about it, your petling will go out and you have to pay 200 coins for the petling to come back!
Week of February 9: Pet Society Helped Haiti Victims!

Week of March 2: as an alternative for those small and unatractive aquairums, Pet Society Team released a Aquariaum Wallpaper where your fish will swim on the wallpaper [for related article (click me)] it was really cool since this aquarium wallpaper came into handy this year since they released alot of fishes!

Week of March 6: Pet Society Team revamped the old layout/user interface of the game. it was so far the 1st major change that happened to the game. [for related article (click me)] i was like okay with this game update but then again they also updated there official blog. before this update, they do not post spoilers and they CONDEMN AND BAN people who post spoilers on the forum. but after the update was made, they are now posting spoilers on the blog. it was clear that Playfish is annoyed with blogs (like us) who posts spoilers. and this was a direct hit to Pet Society Fan blogs. the intention was clear, Playfish wants to kill the blogs! (and they are somehow succesfull now that alot of fan blogs about Pet Society quit - but hey were still online! :))

Week of March 7. Playfish is getting greedier and greedier as months past by... here they introduced Marvelous Mystery Box where again, you can get trashy items inside. [for related article (click me)] it is clear that they dont know what a RARE item is and what its not.... Some forumers also questioned why do they have to release old items in a way we have to pay for them?

Week of March 16: Playfish always discriminate players in a way that they favored some areas of the world. [for related article (click me)] in this Week/Day the whole Philippines wasnt able to play PET SOCIETY FOR LIKE 8 HOURS straight because SOME MAINTENANCE ARE GOING ON. but the true reason with that maintenance is SERVER OVER LOAD = to let other people from other parts of the world play. and they have to target Asean/Asian countries because.... well better ask them. :) 

Week of March 17: a tour inside the playfish office (how i wish!) [for related article (click me)]

Week of March 26: after 2-3weeks of updating the interface, they updated the game again with awful fonts as the title of the shops :P [for related article (click me)] The shops are divided into departments. They also introduced a Newsletter and yeah, the Gadget Shop was gone.

Week of April 2: every month playfish somehow fool us with there tricky tactics. but this another foolish idea of theres made alot of us laugh! :) [for related article (click me)] Pet Society was on 3D on that day! :D well not literally

Week of April 6: Wigs are introduced. and Dyes are also introduced! [for related article (click me)]

Week of April 7: Princess Bed and Bubble chairs which has a resell price of 4999 bids goodbye. it was mainly used for trading. during there clearance sale, it was cut off and now it has a resell price of 2499 [for related article (click me)]

Week of April 13: Hotel City was a new HOT game in the arena of games in Facebook. as a  promotion, Playfish for the first time had a give away of 10 Playfish Cash for the first people whol will reach on a certain level.  [for related article (click me)] This was only the first and last time that Playfish made ads in Facebook about it. this game soared really high during that time.. and yes.. it died down somehow... 

Week of April 13: a month after they updated the game, hackers/cheaters somewhat made there way to rob us. they are able to bypass the security measures of Pet Society and now they were able to get Cash Shop Items. i was angry and frustrated. and people got really upset about me and called me names in the comments section :) i proved to them by posting a pic that i am a Playfish Cash Coin buyer. [for related article (click me)] they took them literally 1 month to fix the hacks. and no punishment was made to those invented it and those who tries it. they are somewhat afraid that they will lose players. and yeah, there was no statement issued about whats going on. and players started to get angry about Playfish and how they handle costomer support. they somehow hushed things up and pretend everything is okay. when the hack is still going on, they still released Items worth money and i proved that Playfish is greedy.

Week of April 17: want to see a failed marketing strategy? [for related article (click me)]

Week of April 21: yes another Mystery Box that is worth Playfish Cash was released! again, do we have to pay to get old items? [for related article (click me)]

Week of April 29: oh yes, they want more players! because they are losing players :)  [for related article (click me)]

Week of May 3: after forcing players to add friends, they are now forcing players to log in that week to get candies everyday. another failed strategy! [for related article (click me) (and me)]

Week of May 11: Limited Edition items was introduced and the Golden Teddy being the first LE Item was sold out after it came out. During that time Limited Edition Items are limited in quantity.  as of this post, it is limited for 24 hours or 48 hours. [for related article (click me)]

Week of May 22: This is the week that Playfish again WANTS MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Money from its players buy introducing its first Playfish Cash Item that you can buy for a limited time. [for related article (click me)] and also they think we are tired on harvesting crops thats why Meerkat autoharvest was introduced too.. and yes, that is worth Playfish Cash!  [for related article (click me)]

Week of June 4: did i say Pet Society hates our Country? :) THEY MISSPLED OUR COUNTRY'S NAME... well... do they even know that a small percentage of there players are from our country?? [for related article (click me)]
Week of June 11: Pet Society released a 2nd new feature this year, that is digging. where you can dig alot of cool items. yes, i am quite happy with this feature but sometimes im tired to to dig! [for related article (click me)] to tell you frankly this move made alot of people happy because they thought pet society will be redundant.... you know... buying... selling.... players has something New to do, that is to dig! :)

Week of June 14: GAME SUSPENSIONS! if you sell too much or you had fun playing the game, youll get suspended for 24 hours! [for related article (click me)] as of now, the suspensions are if you go above earning/selling 1 million coins, youll get a 24 hour suspension and if you get digging items 2-3 straight digs, youll get suspended. 

Week of June 22: Want to see a failed Item? [for related article (click me)]

so upon reading all of this, what is your reaction? 

Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable.

i guess we have to move on with our lives since Facebook is currently down.

Pet Society HUGE MYSTERY PLAYFISH EVENT ON JANUARY 3, 2011! What do you think it will be?

when i first saw this i was like, MEGA? 
SORRY FOLKS! since ive just watched Megamind this evening with my friends. :)

seriously, 5 HOURS AGO, Pet Society App Page created an event as pictured below:(LOOK they only have 1k likes in 5 hours!)

The Huge Playfish Even will start on January 3 and ends at January 8.

so lets dissect this event.

1. we all know that there are already items for january 3, if you havent seen the spoilers, click me! so New Items is not even an option in this event since they already put it on the game.

2. The Event is only 6 days! usually Playfish Games is updated week after week

3. The title says its a MYSTERY PLAYFISH event. so its not only Pet Society but the whole Playfish Games are included with this event.

4. its going to be Mega! whaattttt????? in the past when they are telling us, "hey theres a new great feature coming" im not that amazed after ill try that said feature so thats why im not putting my hopes up on this one!

5. WERE DOING SOMETHING WE'VE NEVER DONE BEFORE? What have they done something that they never done before? heres my ideas.
---Give Playfish Cash Coins?? IT IS MEGA FOR ME! :)
---Since its only a 6 day event i think that the playfish games will have a 0 price tag in all there items? IT IS MEGA TOO! :)
---ALL Playfish Games might explode and will become as PlayfishVille. well THATS A MEGA IF IT WILL REALLY HAPPEN! hahahaha!
---You can STEAL the items of your neighbors! THATS MEGA but BAD! :D

well i run out of ideas to what this even might be. surely this is not there promised new feature (click here for the new feature im talking about) because it is too early and according to this feed it is a playfish event.

what do you think this would be?

Pet Society New York New Year Week - December 27, 2010

Pet Society is updated with New Year Items! SAY GOODBYE TO CHRISTMAS! :)
 you can now send the free gift or dig the weekly item in the Town Forest!

Cute Sailor Boy Pants (Free Gift) New Year 2011 Top Hat (Weekly Digging Update)

dont forget to check the great petmas giveaway too! click why -->

Pet Society The Great Petmas Giveaway! Items inside the Mystery Pinata are worth it!


after OUR disappointment with those stupid Splendid, Marvelous, Magnificent Mystery Box, The Pet Society Team somehow stopped giving away those trashy boxes. 

so tomorrow, they will be giving away Pinatas that was instores last May... for the complete items of the Mystery Pinata, CLICK HERE-->

Items inside the Mystery Pinata ARE WORTH IT! :)

Pet Society Pup Tent Extra Room - ONLY FOR TODAY ! DONT FORGET TO LOG IN! :)

dont forget to get yours! :) JUST LOG IN! ONLY TODAY :)

and here is a preview of the room
SO FAR, FOR 2010 - we have a total of 16 Secret Rooms!

what will you do with your Tent?

Pet Society Money Glitch - It wasnt a glitch after all. and yes, Playfish is SELFISH!

The money glitch that happened for 14 hours was patched by Playfish!
if you dont know about it, please care to read:
oh i think Patched is not the word. i think FIXED is the right word.

im back again into critizing Playfish.:)

i think Pet Society Team is just plainly ruining the fun out of this game...
i mean why patch a mistake that is going on for hours?
why not wait for the next day?
why not LET make POOR pets rich just for 1 day??

i mean its Christmas! somehow we deserve these kind of mistakes...
i honestly wasn't able to do it :)
because i am busy the whole day preparing Noche Buena!

i knew about it by around 3pm Philippine time...
alot of you guys emailed me about it. THANKS!
the fan page was bombared with this info.
and i wrote an article by 5pm due to insisted public demand.
by 10pm, it was patched.

i therefore conclude that Playfish is just plainly SELFISH by fixing this....
they want us to suffer.
EVERYBODY enjoyed what happened today.
including those people (me included) who buy Playfish Cash Coins.

anyway how many coins have you earned by using this glitch?
do you share the same sentiments as i did?

sorry for being negative with this post, im just a loyal gamer who Playfish annoys most of the time! :)
Merry Christmas again! :)

Baby It's Cold Outside! Merry Merry Christmas to you ALL! :)

well its not really cold outside :) we don't even have snow here in the Philippines! but the breeze is just different! You can really feel that its Christmas! 

Christmas is all about Sharing, Loving, Giving and Saying Sorry for those people whom you hurt. Christmas is all about our Families, Friends and Love Ones! and finally Christmas is all about FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 

so stop playing Pet Society for awhile, log out to your Facebook and spend your time to your father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband and everryyyoneeeeeeee you like to spend it with :) 

Money/Technology cant buy happiness! :) 

i am very grateful that this year, i am happy. my grades are stable. i have stable friends (ive got abnormal friends before lol) and yes, i have this site with so many views around the world. 

Okay got to go now since ill continue eating with the rest of my family! :) 

Merry Christmas to you all! :) HAVE A GOOD ONE! :)

Pet Society Money Glitch! Earn Thousands TODAY! THIS IS LEGAL! :)

i think the Pet Society Team done it on purpose but anyway after criticizing them about the Petmas Giveaway, i think this time, i will cheer on what they have done.... THANK YOU FOR THIS PLAYFISH!! :)

RIGHT NOW until 8am GMT + 8 you can earn Thousands of Gold Coins in LEGAL way!


did you see whats on sale today?
its the tree that costs 6 Gold Coins!

so cmon, spend 1 hour buying and selling and earn thousands!!! :)
Remember, there is a Money-Cap, you might get suspended for 24 hours for selling too much! :)

i suggest that you do every 30 minutes at a time. then save. the roam around pet society. then do it again.

Merry Christmas!

Pet Society Update - December 23, 2010 New Mystery Items

Gold Noisemaker (Blue Mystery Box) Rooftop Terrace Candle (Gold Mystery Box) Golden New Year 2011 Tiara (Gold Mystery Box)

Pet Society The Great Petmas Giveaway - why i think its an EPIC FAIL!

i don't want to cause too much negativity this Christmas but Playfish/Pet Society Team/EA deserves my critic somehow. :)

The ongoing Petmas Giveaway when you MUST log in from Dec 23 to Jan 2 to get your "cash item" is another Fail Marketing Strategy. why? they want us to log in so that we could get a cash item. for them, logging in means more players.

for none pet society experts, like most people who plays this game, they will get fooled by this ad by Playfish.
surely YOU would Log in because the ad says that ILL BE GETTING SOMETHING THAT IS WORTH 5 PLAYFISH CASH!

so today, ive received my item, and it confirms my theory. The items inside the box are still the same like before. the items in the Box are NOT IN STORE ITEMS which 50% inside of them are trash. :)

anyway one would argue that ITS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS and all but is this a good way to thank players? why not give them A REAL CASH ITEMS that can be found in the BOUTIQUE?  

when i saw the ad from the blog, i immediately got happy. i mean it says FREE CASH ITEM EVERY DAY! then im happy because i might get my favorite Cash Items from the Boutique... but when i researched further this giveaways wasn't like that...

so anyway what items have you got in the box?

Pet Society Spoilers for Sunday/Monday January 2/3, 2011


Pet Society They are giving away a Free Room on December 26, 2010

somehow, Pet Society Team should change there Marketing Strategy because obviously not everyone will be online on the 26 of December! i mean who would waste there time to log in to get the room when you can just spend that time with your family? :)

but anyway, ill be alarming my smartphone on that day so that i could be able to get one!

so guys, dont forget to get one on the 26th, its worth it anyways! :)

Pet Society Spoilers for Sunday/Monday December 26/27, 2010

updated version :)


Pet Society [Christmas 2010] Santa Paws Week!

game is now updated! :)
you could buy this weeks items! :)
remember all items will be gone on Sunday!

you could now build the Gift Wrapping Machine!
Gift Wrapping Machine
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Beautiful) (Holiday Special) (Collaborative)

and also Dig the New Digging Item! :)
Cute Sailor Boy Top (Free Gift) Crooked Santa Hat (Weekly Digging Update)

enjoy! :)

Pet Society Complete List of Icy Holidays Fishes using the Icy Holiday Fish Bait!

Icy Holiday Fish Bait (Food – Grocery) (Boutique – Amazing Items)
Alphabet Blockfish (Caught with Icy Holiday Fish Bait) Candlefish (Caught with Icy Holiday Fish Bait) Carolfish (Caught with Icy Holiday Fish Bait)
Nutcracker Fish (Caught with Icy Holiday Fish Bait) Penguinfish (Caught with Icy Holiday Fish Bait) Polar Bearfish (Caught with Icy Holiday Fish Bait)
Rat Kingfish (Caught with Icy Holiday Fish Bait) Shopping Bagfish (Caught with Icy Holiday Fish Bait)
Sleighfish (Caught with Icy Holiday Fish Bait) Sugar Plumfish (Caught with Icy Holiday Fish Bait)

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