Pet Society Weekly Item Release: Metropolis!

Sorry if there are no proper updates in the past days... :) i am busy, it was my birthday and alot of the PSP staff resigned because of school work. :)
here are some items which i think are the best! :)

First of all, I am disappointed with the New Limited Item: Solid Gold Teddy. it is SOLD OUT hours after they patched the Monday Items. I am disappointed because here in the Philippines, they patch the Monday Items at 8am. Do the Team of Pet Society expects us to wake up early just to buy that limited item? How about those who are living in Asia? they are probably still sleeping at that time. this is anther poor concept of Pet Society. Its a good thing my online friends gifted me one! THANKS Lailani and Raffi! :)

I wasn't able to buy one not because i am sleeping or what but i was in Batangas at that time. i gone home about 3pm and i went straight in the San Anotnio Makati Complex because it was Election here in the Philippines. by the time i got back, when i logged in, it was SOLD OUT.
anyway i do collect dolls. that's why i am always disappointed when there is a cash shop doll. in this case, it is a limited doll.

and another mini room that is worth 17cc. I want one of course but i promised myself NOT to buy CC anymore. after the MAJOR hacking of the Cash Shop Items, i reached to the point not to buy anymore. Of course, it would be cool having this extra room but im not in a hurry still.. :)

alot of people find this Pet Pan statue, Ugly. :) i dont know why but i really really love statues. and this statue is SO perfectly made! It is Last Week to be in store and only 119325 left. i actually think that this statue is already tampered. :)

I do love cars! and finally there is a bigger and better version to represent real cars! :) i do hope we can ride on them and USE them in our neighborhood! :) or maybe we could use this one in the stadium as a racing or something... :)

Overall, i love this week Items! :)
what do you think?

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