Playfish will give us a surprise tomorrow!

i think they would give us a mini/secret room FOR FREE! :)
photo from Pet Society Club


New Game by Playfish - EA Sports FIFA Superstars!

Playfish launched their new game few days ago, and it's called EA Sports FIFA Superstars!

There are 4 types of games:

2010 FIFA World Cup Edition (Coming Soon)
Premier League
League Matches
Friendly Matches

Make a team, manage it, and upgrade it using coins or Playfish cash to win more often.

Take your team to training to gain more training points and become stronger!

Keep upgrading your stadium and players to gain more coins and points on every match.

Use Match Credits to play matches! You get a point each few hours. Or if you are out of points, purchase them using Playfish Cash (4cc) or ask your friends to give you free points!

Got what it takes to become a FIFA Superstar?
Play the game now to find out and discover new features!


Vacation Ticket: Cruise Vacation Package!


Vacation Ticket: Safari Vacation Package!


Vacation Ticket: Arabian Nights Vacation Package!


The Collaborative Gifts became a Playfish Cash Item all of a sudden!


Pet Society Spoilers for Monday, May 31, 2010

Classy Bunny PlushieColorful Flowers Seed
Aqua Thistle (from Colorful Flowers Seed)Texas Star Flower (from Colorful Flowers Seed)Agapanthus (from Colorful Flowers Seed)

Shiny Black RoadsterShiny Red Roadster
Rosy Cute Vintage Car (TWS)Teal Cute Vintage Car

Green Ribbon Headband (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)White Ribbon Headband (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)Red Ribbon Headband (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)
Green Party Dress (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)White Party Dress (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)Red Party Dress (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)
Polka Dots Pink Dress (Clothes – Girls)Polka Dots Blue Dress (Clothes – Girls)
Red Designer Bag (Furniture – Living) (TWS)Shop Window (D.I.Y. – Windows & Doors) (TWS)

Pizza Margherita Slice (from Mystery Ristorante Box)Mystery Ristorante Box (Food – Grocery)Tortelloni (from Mystery Ristorante Box)
Hand Made Ice Cream (from Mystery Ristorante Box)Grape Juice (from Mystery Ristorante Box)Strawberry Tiramisu (from Mystery Ristorante Box)

Stone Pine (from Tree Seed) (Garden – Gardening) (TWS)Stone Pine Pinecone (from Stone Pine)
Dante Statue (Garden – Furniture) (TWS)Pet Holiday Poster (Furniture – Living)
Orange Ice Cream Maker (Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)Pink Ice Cream Maker (Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Cream Espresso Machine (Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)Pink Espresso Machine (Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Italian Ice Stand (Garden – Furniture) (TWS)Oak Barrel (Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Red Checked Table (Furniture – Living)Red Wooden Chair (Furniture – Living)
Pink Checked Table (Furniture – Living) (TWS)Pink Wooden Chair (Furniture – Living) (TWS)
Pink Luggage (Furniture – Living) (TWS)Brown Travel Bags (Boutique – Beautiful Items – Mon Pet Chérie)

Vacation Ticket (Market – Cool Stuff)
Giraffe Plushie (included in Safari Vacation Package)Safari Hat (included in Safari Vacation Package)Rideable Ostrich (included in Safari Vacation Package)
Safari Wallpaper (included in Safari Vacation Package)
Red Lifesaver Ring (included in Cruise Vacation Package)Black Seal Plushie (included in Cruise Vacation Package)Cruise Swimsuit (included in Cruise Vacation Package)
Cruise Ship Wallpaper (included in Cruise Vacation Package)
Arabian Tent (included in Arabian Nights Vacation Package)Cute Snake Doll (included in Arabian Nights Vacation Package)
Arabian Wallpaper (included in Arabian Nights Vacation Package)

Lake Garden Wallpaper (Beautiful Items)
Lake Garden Floor (Beautiful Items)
Platinum Wall Safe (Beautiful Items)Socialite Potion (Amazing Items)

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