ON THE SPOTLIGHT: Limited Edition Deer Seat

hmmm... i think its worth it for a 12cc item. ill be getting it for my doll collection. :)

Restaurant City Cash Items for sale! VERY VERY CHEAP!

since my best friend forced me to do this, i have no choice but to follow! :)

anyway as you can see below our banner, there is an advertisement about Restaurant City Cash Items that is for sale, that is the site of my best friend. he is selling these Cash Items because he is disappointed about the hacks that happened before. He is an addict of RC and almost bought ALL Cash Items until he lost the will to play.

he almost spend like $500 in the game. now he thinks that he wants to sell this rather than keeping the items.. since he will be deleting the entire application soon.

now he told me that he is selling these really cheap.

for only $1, you will get 2 Cash Items that is below 25PFC.
and for only $1, you will get 1 Cash Item that is 25PFC above (example Gingerbread Bed)

since he told me that buyers might be doubtful to him, i will be the one who will fix this transaction, yes, so if ever ill scam you or what, blame me, and this site, Pet Society Philippines. :)

if your interested. please send an email to petsocietyphilippines@ymail.com

note, he has all cash items. refer to the image below our banner, THANKS!

Pet Society Complete List of Fun Park Mystery Egg Items

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TAKE A LOAD OFF! Twilight Saga: Eclipse Official Trailer

i am no Twilight Fan... until my girlfriend forced me to watch it 2 years ago. hahaha!

Twilight Saga is just the usual girl loves guy. guy is protecting the girl. then another guy loves the girl. the only difference is, the 2 guys are different. the guy is a vampire and and the other guy is a wolf. :P to conclude its just a desperate teen-girl story, there is really nothing special about the movie.. well i am biased - i know. haahahahah

anyway even though thats my mini review, im still gonna watch it on wednesday! hhaahha

ill leave you now the Trailer of Eclipse... Look at Edward, he looks like HIGH with drugs. he is so WHITE as SHEET. =))

Happy Sunday and Thanks for supporting Pet Society Philippines!

Pet Society New Mystery Items released on June 25, 2010

BBQ Hot SauceIndependence Day Party Hat (TWS)
Pink Party BalloonsPink Mini Fridge

Pet Society Spoilers for Monday June 28, 2010

Fun Park Vending Machine and Mystery EggBumper Car (from Fun Park Mystery Egg)
Green Octopus Plushie (from Fun Park Mystery Egg)Cotton Candy (from Fun Park Mystery Egg)Colorful Elephant Plushie (from Fun Park Mystery Egg)

Blue Festive Firework (Market – Party & Gifts) (Animated) (PF-Cash)Red Festive Firework (Market – Party & Gifts) (Animated) (PF-Cash)Pink Festive Firework (Market – Party & Gifts) (Animated) (PF-Cash)
Independence Day Party Balloons (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS)Statue of Liberty Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectables) (TWS)
Independence Day Bunting (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS)Independence Day Flag (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS)
Blue Baseball T-Shirt (Clothes – Boys)Blue Baseball Pants (Clothes – Boys)
Blue Cheerleader Outfit (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)Blue Cheerleader Pom Pom (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)Blue Cheerleader Shoes (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)
Blue Colonial Shirt (Clothes – Boys)Blue Colonial Pants (Clothes – Boys)Blue Colonial Shoes With Socks (Clothes – Boys)
Pink Colonial Dress (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)Pink Colonial Shoes (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)
Blue Colonial Dress (Clothes – Girls)Blue Colonial Shoes (Clothes – Girls)
BBQ Beef (Food – Grocery) (TWS)BBQ Corn On The Cob (Food – Grocery)BBQ Sausages (Food – Grocery) (TWS)
BBQ Chicken (Food – Grocery)BBQ Mushroom (Food – Grocery)

Black Luxury Grill (Furniture)Purple Grill (Furniture) (TWS)
Orange Mini Grill (Furniture)Pink Mini Grill (Furniture) (TWS)
Black BBQ Tools (Furniture)White Garden Flower Pot (Gardening)Pink BBQ Tools (Furniture) (TWS)
Wooden Garden Seats (Furniture)Wooden Garden Swing (Furniture)

Deer Seat (Boutique – Beautiful Items)

Real-Time Wallpaper (Sunrise View) (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) (PF-Cash)
Real-Time Wallpaper (Day View) (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) (PF-Cash)
Real-Time Wallpaper (Sunset View) (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) (PF-Cash)
Real-Time Wallpaper (Night View) (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) (PF-Cash)

Silver Luxury Fridge (Closed) (Kitchen & Bathroom)Silver Luxury Fridge (Open) (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Pink Luxury Fridge (Closed) (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)Pink Luxury Fridge (Open) (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Silver Mini Fridge (Closed) (Kitchen & Bathroom)Silver Mini Fridge (Open) (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Orange Mini Fridge (Closed) (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)Orange Mini Fridge (Open) (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Minimalist White Ceiling Lights (Kitchen & Bathroom)Minimalist White Stove Set (Kitchen & Bathroom)Minimalist White Over-the-Stove Cabinet (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Minimalist White Kitchen Sink (Kitchen & Bathroom)Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinet (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Minimalist White Cupboard (Kitchen & Bathroom)Minimalist White Fridge (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Minimalist White Table (Kitchen & Bathroom)Minimalist Tall Chair (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Minimalist White Picture Set (Living)Minimalist Flower Pot (Living)

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