TAKE A LOAD OFF! Twilight Saga: Eclipse Official Trailer

i am no Twilight Fan... until my girlfriend forced me to watch it 2 years ago. hahaha!

Twilight Saga is just the usual girl loves guy. guy is protecting the girl. then another guy loves the girl. the only difference is, the 2 guys are different. the guy is a vampire and and the other guy is a wolf. :P to conclude its just a desperate teen-girl story, there is really nothing special about the movie.. well i am biased - i know. haahahahah

anyway even though thats my mini review, im still gonna watch it on wednesday! hhaahha

ill leave you now the Trailer of Eclipse... Look at Edward, he looks like HIGH with drugs. he is so WHITE as SHEET. =))

Happy Sunday and Thanks for supporting Pet Society Philippines!

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