Petlings Guide!

What are petlings?
Your pet can now have a little friend called a petling! Just go to the garden store to buy one. There are many types of petlings and each one is very unique! For more information read below.

Petlings FAQ:
1.How do I get a petling?
You can find the petlings in the garden store, choose a kitten (Level 5-1000 coins) or a puppy (Level 10-1200 coins). Then go home and take it from your chest. Go to the food shop to buy the food it wants and feed it. Then name it, it's all yours now!

2.Can I raise more than one petling at the same time?
You can only raise one petling at a time. Once it's fully grown, you can buy another one.

3.How much time does it need to grow?
Your petling needs 3 days (72 hours) to grow up.

4.I can't find my petling, where is it?
Open your chest and type: Petling if it's still a fur ball. Kitten/Puppy if it's growing. Cat/Dog if it's an adult.

5.Does my petling change rooms?
No, it stays in the room you place it in.

6.Can I change my petling's name?
At the moment, you can't change the name.

7.How do I feed my petling?
Drop the food on its head. Petlings need to eat each 24 hours, not when the game resets. Example: If you fed your petling today at 2:00PM, feed it tomorrow at 2:00PM

8.Do I need to feed my petling after it's fully grown?
Yes, you still need to feed it.

9.What do petlings eat?
Petlings eat the specified food in the shop, not anything else. (Check q.14 for more info)

10.Does my petling run away if I put it in my chest?
Yes, it has the same effect if you put it in your chest or not (3 Days)

11.My petling ran away, how do I get it back?
You can pay an amount of coins or publishing on the home page to ask your friends for help to get it back.

12.What do people get when I share my petling stories on Facebook?
Purchasing a petling-->Glitter Apple Petling fully grown-->Giant Candy

13.How can I choose a color and shape of my petling?
You can't choose a color and a shape. It's random. But you can now change the color of your petling for 2cash coins (Food-Garden Shop)

14.Can I sell/gift/recycle my petling?
When it's growing up, no. But when it's fully grown, you can ONLY sell it for 333 coins (Cat) and 399 coins (Dog) (You can't gift or recycle it)

15.My petling doesn't grow even when I feed it, what should I do?
From now on, petlings ONLY eat the food indicated in the bubble on their head, if you feed them other food, it disappears from your chest but the petling will still be hungry, so be careful to always buy the food they want.

16.Can I feed my friends' petlings?
At the moment, you can't.

17.How can I find my petling's name?
When you find it in your chest (q.4) then hover your mouse over it, it will appear on the brown bar.

18.Can my pet interact with my petling?
At the moment, no. But it might be updated later.

19.How many petlings can I have?
At the moment, you can only have 10 petlings!

20.Someone rescued my petling but I didn't get it.
This was a glitch that has now been fixed! :)

Available Colors (Applies for kittens and puppies)
Growing Up Steps:

Possible Shapes For Kittens (Any Color):
Possible Shapes For Puppies (Any Color):

That's it for now, i'll update when the feature gets updated.
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