Dear Pet Society Team 

PLEASE FIX THE GAME, ITS ENTIRELY UNPLAYABLE FOR ME RIGHT NOW. Dont tell me to clear cache and do simple troubleshoot because Im not stupid , i already done that! Please Remove the necessary features (hello PETS TOWN) to make the game work smoothly and FASTER. as you know, i am experiencing a CHEST LAG for a year now that's why my rooms are all empty because i rather save time than to decorate. but i rather have a chest lag than experience the whole game LAG! but of course i WANT A GAME THAT HAS NO LAGS!

I am a paying customer. and i run this blog. i need positive things to right based from the game. right now i want to right a negative feedback, but i want to give you a chance.


Thank You!

Pet Society Farm Week February 20/21, 2011

so far, this is one of my favorite week, items are too big! :)

Farm Barn Decor
(Boutique – Home) (Outdoor – Furniture)

dont forget to log in tomorrow and the next day for the limited items!

Farm Sheep Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectables) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)
Farm Train Station
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Outdoor – Furniture)


Prince Don Speaks: Pet Society Philippines to be renamed as Pet Society China? OMG!

well as the title says it all.... what do you think? :)

OF COURSE, HATS IMPOSSIBLE! :) so for our Fans, worry no more, Pet Society Philippines WILL ALWAYS BE Pet Society Philippines. :)

so why China was dragged in this thing? well, that's because i am going to Republic of China this Thursday-Tuesday! :)

yes, im going there for a little vacation with my family, will roam around Macau and we will check out Disneyland in Hongkong as well... :)

the hard part is, as much as i want to treat this "vacation" as vacation, i really cant, because i have responsibilities like THIS BLOG! we all know that they update the game every Thursday. and Thursday is my flight to China, that means i might NOT update the blog during that day or during my 5 day vacation there. i will try to update the blog but i wont promise. :) 

i hope the internet in the Hotel is fast enough to accommodate the whole pack (all of use has laptops and in need of internet) so good luck on that.

so any tips you want to give out?

Top 20 Facebook Games - February 18, 2011 Pet Society is the 9th played game on Facebook.

Pet Society lost about 900 thousand players, and now it is the 9th played game on Facebook. last december, the game is still on the 8th spot (click me to resirect) but because CityVille debuted, all the games moved one step down... but even though CityVille debuted, the game is falling down... last december 2010, the game has 12,1 million players but look above, it has only 11.2 million players and the game is NOT growing, it is still losing players.....

i hope the new feature Pets Town will help the game gain one step higher or more... but in the looks of it, no one is interested into creating Pets anymore.... Pet Society is dying, and thats a fact. :(

Pet Society New Feature and Interface - Pet's Town - ITS ACTUALLY HERE! Take a FIRST LOOK! :)

The New Pet Society Interface is actually here! thats the problem of the Pet Society Team because they put alot of things in the game and it wont be live until they will actually launch it! :) I JUST SMPLY LOVE THE NEW INTERFACE!!! The boutique shop should be put into fire! 

and of course we could now decorate outside of our houses which is my favorite part!!!!! :)

and yes we will be having a different house again..... which has animals on it! :) but i wonder how many rooms does it have? i hope its plenty! and i hope it has a garden too but its unlikely to happy but who knows?
and yes, i wont mind asking friends for help... i
are you excited?

Pet Society Spoilers for Sunday/Monday February 20/21, 2011 - Farm Week!

i cant help to deny the fact that i will be liking the theme for next week in Pet Society! but of course, im a bit sad because HALF OF THE ITEMS COSTs Playfish Cash.....
Farm Milking Cow
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Farm Baby Donkey Cart
(Boutique – For your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Farm Pony Stable Wallpaper
(Boutique – For your Home) (DIY – Walls & Floors)


Pet Society Philippines Exclusive! New Pet Society Feature COMING VERY SOON! All about the New Feature "Pet's Town" Read here!

Hi there Pet Society fans!
As most of you will already know, Pets Town is coming to Pet Society! I’m very excited to share this with you.  So sit back and let me tell you of all the new things that will be happening very soon!

The wait is nearly over!
Pets Town is a new interactive area that your Pet will be part of. Pets Town will include all the current shops and features, but will also be home to some brand new features!
Not only will your Pet be able to explore around Pets Town, each Pet will have the opportunity to unlock their very own space! You’ll be able to decorate your house exterior and brand new yard, and show it off to your friends!
For any anxious Pets out there, fear not! Your current Pet, house and existing items will remain!

How to unlock your house exterior and brand new yard
All players at Level 6 and above will have the opportunity to unlock their own house exterior and brand new yard. However, you will notice your yard is currently home to some very cute squirrels. Before you can start decorating, you must build them a new home! You’ll need to team up with your friends and ask them for an Acorn, Roof Tile and Tree Bark.
Once you have received all the components, congratulations! Not only have you been rewarded with a cool Squirrel House, you can also now start decorating your house exterior and brand new yard!
Not at Level 6 yet? Then get to work! Your pet has a house exterior and brand new yard that needs you!
Get decorating!
Now it’s over to you! Click on the ‘Decorate Outside’ button and pick your favorite items! Need some help deciding what to pick? Take a walk around Pets Town and see how your friends have decorated their house exterior and yard! You can even see mine!

There are many new coin items and a handful of cash luxury items that you can decorate with so make sure you check out the Forum on Thursday for a full list of items available.
Help needed!
I’ve been so busy with the launch of Pets Town, I’ve lost track of my animals! My furry friends in Pets Town desperately need returning. When you find them, click on them and I’ll send you a reward! My generosity can be taken advantage of on a daily basis.

The Mayor

OMG - SO What do you think about this?


Pet Society Wanna WIN this week set of Boutique Items?

well i am helping a friend (who sent me great stuff last Christmas) about her little Facebook App AND Page where you could win some great items like THIS WEEK SET OF BOUTIQUE ITEMS :)

Mayan Talking Tree
(Boutique – For Your Home)
Grand Mayan Throne
(Boutique – For Your Home)
Voodoo Doll Potion
(Boutique – For Your Pet)
Voodoo Doll Potion (Outcome)
(Boutique – For Your Pet)

Tempaw of Doom Painting
(Boutique – For Your Home)

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS visit their fan page - its ALL IN THERE :)



Pet Society Indiana Bones Week - February 13/14, 2011

so its Indiana Bones Week on Pet Society! :)
i think ill be liking this week sicne i really love garden inspired items! :)

you can now build the Collaborative Item, start begging your friends for you to finish right away!
Tempaw of Doom Treasure
(Boutique – Featured) (Collaborative)
Treasure Chest Wood
(Component for Tempaw of Doom Treasure)
Gold Coin
(Component for Tempaw of Doom Treasure)
Pink Jewel
(Component for Tempaw of Doom Treasure)

i think this time, ill be getting that item, because i lov GOLD! :)

Tempaw of Doom Painting
(Boutique – For Your Home)

Mayan Talking Tree
(Boutique – For Your Home)
Grand Mayan Throne
(Boutique – For Your Home)

AND YEAH, they all costs Playfish Cash! :)
so enjoy the rest iof the week! :)


Pet Society Exclusive New Feature is called PETS TOWN! and its COMING SOON!

a post from December 8 and February 8 tells us about A new feature that will come early this year.... well awhile ago, PET SOCIETY fan page and there official blog broke out the news! the new feature is called Pets Town!

the blog says that

Pet Society New Mystery Box Items and New Win or Lose Mystery Box [Indiana Bones Week] - February 10, 2011

Camping Pepper and Salt Shakers
(Red Mystery Box)
Mayan Tribal Necklace
(Blue Mystery Box)
Mayan Treasure Map
(Gold Mystery Box)
Camping Fire Torch
(Gold Mystery Box)

Black Gothic Captain Hat
(Win or Lose Box)
Sweet Pink Captain Hat
(Win or Lose Box)


Pet Society Spoilers for Sunday/Monday February 13/14, 2011 - Indiana Bones Week!

so far, i liked the items for next week! theres no girly stuff!! :)

Voodoo Bear Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)
Rare Jungle Riding Elephant
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Cool Stuff)

Cursed Fish

Tempaw of Doom Wallpaper
(Boutique – For Your Home)
Tempaw of Doom Floor
(Boutique – For Your Home)


Facebook News: FREE Facebook Credits to expire on FEBRUARY 15, 2011

AS STATED IN THE TEXT ABOVE, Our Free Facebook Credits will expire on February 15, 2011 
so you better use those free credits before it will go to waste! :) if you want a link where i found that, click 


Pet Society 2011 Valentine Mystery Gifts - ST. Valentine Week

The color combination of these items are like ice cream.:D
Valentine Mystery Gift  (Boutique – For Your Home) (Outdoor – Furniture)
Valentine Romantic Boat
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Outdoor – Furniture)
Valentine Romantic Swing Set
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Outdoor – Furniture)
Valentine Table for Two
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Outdoor – Furniture)

Pet Society Official Fan Page Information: New Feature Coming Soon!

a feed was up last 16 hours ago...... it was about the feature i was talking about last december 8, click here--->   Look, it has only 777 LIKES!

i dont want to get excited, because im always disappointed in there features.... but hey, they need to make the game nicer now......

what do you think the feature might be?

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