Pet Society Exclusive New Feature is called PETS TOWN! and its COMING SOON!

a post from December 8 and February 8 tells us about A new feature that will come early this year.... well awhile ago, PET SOCIETY fan page and there official blog broke out the news! the new feature is called Pets Town!

the blog says that
I’ve been invited to open ‘Pets Town’, a brand new and exciting feature coming soon to your Pet’s world! You will soon be able to create, explore and share in a whole new light!
well i wonder what is this Pets Town all about...... im betting for a ZOO or something to do with our PETS. but since it says there CREATE, EXPLORE AND SHARE so i dont know.....

im betting for a within a month or exactly the first week of March for this feature to be released. but im also betting that some parts of this feature will cost us Playfish Cash!

so what do you think this Pets Town will be?

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