Coral Reef Wallpaper and some more Spoilers in the Cash Shop!

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for the complete spoilers on monday, check it out here.
dont forget to leave comments!


Mystery Items released on February 25, 2010

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i think i love the mystery items that was released earlier. :)
the Hydrangea Pot is nice, i want to jave a 99 collection of it. Thist will be so cool in our Gardens dont you think?
and the tea tray is excellent as well. :) perfect for those having a pink room
the Mayor Chef Plushie is great but looks annoying, it reminds me of the Mayor of Pet Society - who happends to be appearing this past days. :)


Facebook Pet Society Spoilers for Monday 1 March


Repost: Complete List of Food Booth Mystery Egg Items

Hi PetSocietyPhilippines Visitors! :)
since the past week, i am monitoring the statistics of the blog, and i can say that our site is doing very very well..... Thank You Guys!!
anyway, i was shocked to find out that my short article about the Food Booth Mystery Items was one of the most popular post eversince we published it last October 5. until up to this point, alot of people are still looking for the said post to check wether they got everything or not. i was even more happy to find out that the post in question was the number one "search" item when i entered the keyword in Google search engine. :D

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so i made an updated list. just for you guys. :) the image before was quite blurry and boring. :D hahahahahaha enjoy!!

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Pet Society New Items - February 22, 2010 [Win Gold and Go Wild]


Complete List of Stone Age Mystery Egg Items

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Petling Coyote and Spoilers from the Cash, Garden & Gadget Shop!


Mystery Items released on February 20, 2010

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Facebook Pet Society Spoilers for Monday 22 February

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Note: Some sites HACK to get names and prices, we will not do it

Petling Tiger FAQs/Guide

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for me, purchasing a Petling Tiger is too much! image its worth 25cc...
and what if it will run away and never come back? :)) hahahah.
maybe ill buy it when they will be last week in stores.
in the meantime, ill just let this pass. :D
i dont know why it cant be gifted at the point of purchase!
no Pet Society Staff confirmed or denied. so everybody is speculating about it. :)

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Monday Items, February 15,2010

Sorry for the late post of this article. I have been busy on to the Monday Items for this week. :)

If you ask me i think I'm confused on what the theme is..i feel like it's lots of Random stuff for this week. I was actually hoping that this week would be Lunar New Year or Mardi Gras week but I was mistaken.

First of all let us check the items in the furniture shop. There are some space items, Pirate Items and what is tha floating ghost doing in there? I like the items but they all seem too random for me! I love the bikes though i really wish my pet could ride them :)

Next are items from the garden. One seems to be a park bench with design while the other
a cave that xan be placed next to the beach. I love the cave!

Next are stuff in the Cash shop. It seems to be a Belated Year of the Tiger Celebration for our Pets. I absolutely adore the plushies and the petling (for those who are curious to see how the Petling will grow we have an article that features its day by day growth)
The treehouse is adorable! a perfect addition to a garden theme or city park theme room.

In the Clothes shop as usual a bunch of Random items are thrown in like Pirates, Space and even RObin hood and Kill Bill???? Love the new wigs though. And as for the rest of the stuff, there are marine objects and city door for D.I.Y., antique stuff for gadgets, Pirate Punch (Rhum for us adults ;P) and random food in Food,a space station and bars for Luxury (would my Pirate Punch look good in my modern bar..?).
The items are okay but i sure wish Pet Society would stick to a weekly theme (1, 2 or 3 themes) next time. sinc eit makes it easier for us to design and identify the objects. The robin hoot hat seems too out of place to me! And i wish the obejcts with wheels were ridable (wishful thinking XD. ...) I cant wait for more petlings but is upset since i dont have CC anymore! :'(
How about you? Did the random items confuse you or did you like not having weekly themes for this week?


Chocolate Box/Gift Items

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Find them in the food/furniture shop. (900 coins)
If you buy x amount of boxes, you get the same amount of gifts each day. (x refers to a number).
They work like the past Christmas advent calendar. Miss a day and the gift goes away.
And one box for 14 gifts. Don't forget, those are counted as FOOD, don't put it on the floor or your pet will eat it.


Petling Tiger

Hi guys I'm so happy to get this petling tiger..
i would like to share this picture with you..
sad to say, this petling tiger cannot be gifted at the point of purchase.
i think this is a temporary glitch though
this petling costs 25CC.

UPDATE! for the Petling Tiger Faqs/Guide you can click here

Intriguing Monday!!

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Facebook Pet Society Spoilers for February 15, 2010

Note: Some of the sites hack to get names and prices of the items, we will not do it.


Pet Society Fans is gving away 20cc!

i had a chat with Gifer Khan, the owner :D he requested if i could inform the visitors of this site about the ongoing contest in Pet Society Fans and Pet Society Marketplace in Facebook.

since he was friendly to me from the start, i decided to inform you guys about it.. hahaha.

20 Playfish Cash Coins is at stake and lots of very cool prizes are to be won at there contest. i will say no more here just click me to learn more about the contest.

It's all about love, love, love and chocolates XD


February 8, 2010 Valentines Week


Petlings Guide!

What are petlings?
Your pet can now have a little friend called a petling! Just go to the garden store to buy one. There are many types of petlings and each one is very unique! For more information read below.

Petlings FAQ:
1.How do I get a petling?
You can find the petlings in the garden store, choose a kitten (Level 5-1000 coins) or a puppy (Level 10-1200 coins). Then go home and take it from your chest. Go to the food shop to buy the food it wants and feed it. Then name it, it's all yours now!

2.Can I raise more than one petling at the same time?
You can only raise one petling at a time. Once it's fully grown, you can buy another one.

3.How much time does it need to grow?
Your petling needs 3 days (72 hours) to grow up.

4.I can't find my petling, where is it?
Open your chest and type: Petling if it's still a fur ball. Kitten/Puppy if it's growing. Cat/Dog if it's an adult.

5.Does my petling change rooms?
No, it stays in the room you place it in.

6.Can I change my petling's name?
At the moment, you can't change the name.

7.How do I feed my petling?
Drop the food on its head. Petlings need to eat each 24 hours, not when the game resets. Example: If you fed your petling today at 2:00PM, feed it tomorrow at 2:00PM

8.Do I need to feed my petling after it's fully grown?
Yes, you still need to feed it.

9.What do petlings eat?
Petlings eat the specified food in the shop, not anything else. (Check q.14 for more info)

10.Does my petling run away if I put it in my chest?
Yes, it has the same effect if you put it in your chest or not (3 Days)

11.My petling ran away, how do I get it back?
You can pay an amount of coins or publishing on the home page to ask your friends for help to get it back.

12.What do people get when I share my petling stories on Facebook?
Purchasing a petling-->Glitter Apple Petling fully grown-->Giant Candy

13.How can I choose a color and shape of my petling?
You can't choose a color and a shape. It's random. But you can now change the color of your petling for 2cash coins (Food-Garden Shop)

14.Can I sell/gift/recycle my petling?
When it's growing up, no. But when it's fully grown, you can ONLY sell it for 333 coins (Cat) and 399 coins (Dog) (You can't gift or recycle it)

15.My petling doesn't grow even when I feed it, what should I do?
From now on, petlings ONLY eat the food indicated in the bubble on their head, if you feed them other food, it disappears from your chest but the petling will still be hungry, so be careful to always buy the food they want.

16.Can I feed my friends' petlings?
At the moment, you can't.

17.How can I find my petling's name?
When you find it in your chest (q.4) then hover your mouse over it, it will appear on the brown bar.

18.Can my pet interact with my petling?
At the moment, no. But it might be updated later.

19.How many petlings can I have?
At the moment, you can only have 10 petlings!

20.Someone rescued my petling but I didn't get it.
This was a glitch that has now been fixed! :)

Available Colors (Applies for kittens and puppies)
Growing Up Steps:

Possible Shapes For Kittens (Any Color):
Possible Shapes For Puppies (Any Color):

That's it for now, i'll update when the feature gets updated.
Click here to visit the original thread on Playfish forum.

New poster!

Hey everyone!
I just got hired to work here at Pet Society Philippines and I'll be posting the spoilers for you on time and fast!

Till my next post,

Pet Society Philippines loves to watch Pinoy Big Brother Double Up!

i know this is a off topic post, but well i cant really resist to comment.. actually yun status message ko ngayn sa facebook about pbb. and since this blog is atracting many pinoy readers so why not make a post about them? :D

this is my opinion. this is my site. so please respect it. :)

na evict na si Mariel kanina so napili na ang Big 5. Jason, Johan Melissa, Tibo, Paul Jake.

so my fearless forecast is:
Who I Want to win: Tibo or Melissa
Who Might Win: Mellisa or Jason or Johan
Who i dont want to win: Johan

and my ranking:
Big Winner: Mellisa
2nd: Tibo or Jason
3rd: Jason or Tibo
4th: Johan
5th: Paul Jake

and my opinion about each housemates:
parang postive and negative ito guys. :D

Melissa - sya lang ang iisang babae, since sya lang ang isa, sya ang parang underdog ngyn sa show. since this is the case, baka sya manalo. na touch ako yun task yun sa pool. yun nagpalaya si Tibo for melissa para lang sa Big 5 spot. nakita ko yun paghihirap ni Melissa yun umiyak sya and i really really saw her sincerety that time. for me, she deserves to be the big winner! hindi sa kelangan nya or what. pero she deserves it. :)

Tibo - bakit sya din gusto ko manalo? kasi kababayan ko sya hahaha yes, steve or tibo is from Cagayan de Oro City and taga dun din ako. of all the housemates, siya yun marameng nagawa in terms of task, and everything. maski sinasabi nila na nagmamarunong si tibo at nag leader-leaderan. i find him more deserving kasi MARAME TALAGA SYA NAGAWA. :)

Jason - ayoko sya manalo at ayoko sya tumontong sa 2nd place. 3rd place siguro pwede pa. the thing for jason is, thru out sa season, wala ako nakita na tumulong sya... pero to all infairness to him, pag may sepcific task sya, ginagawa nya ng maayos. no doubt about that. i find jason mabait din. he is this ordinary province guy talaga... pero kawawa si jason kasi once he will be out sa house, people might take advantage sakanya. people in showbiz are wearing masks.... baka di sya masanay.

Johan - im not a Johan fan since from the start. ayoko sya. so i admit, bias ang comment ko dito. :D yung House and Lot task, sya LANG ang housemate na i found selfish. selfish talaga sya. this evening yun pinakita yun White Room scene, na confirm ko talaga na selfish sya. bakit nya pinakonsensya si Jason? sabi nya kasi may Tricycle na si Jason, at kelangan na kelangan nya yun house and lot so parang pinopoint out nya kay jason, ibigay nalang sakanya. ito naman si jason eh, mabait, nagpalaya.. is that really the case Johan? if my premyo na yun tao, hindi na sya deserving?
i admit nakakaawa si Johan and all that kasi kelangan nya and everything but the point here is, deserving ba sya? he needs the house but does he deserve the house? mas gusto ko pa mabigay yun kasy Tibo or Mariel.

i remembered yun andun pa si sam pinto. sabi nya ang gusto nya mahalin si Cathy tapos ang gusto nya parang paglaruan, si Sam. Guys, tama ba ito?
now that he has the house, wag na sana sya maging big winner or maging first placer or 2nd. tama na yun my house and lot sya.

Paul Jake - nothing to say here. hes better be sa 5th spot. even though 2nd sya kay tibo na marameng nagawa, i think sa 5th nalang sya... mayaman na kasi sya.

Mariel - isasali ko sya dito. :) before Yuri went out, kinaiinisan ko sya. ayaw ko sakanya. gusto ko lumabas sya agad but when yuri came out, ayun nakita ko naman yun brighter side nya. shes a loving mother at loving kabit na din hehehe :) i find her more deserving to be on the big 5 rather than Johan. kasi may na contribute naman sya sa pbb. i felt bad yun napaalis sya kanina. kasi gusto ko talaga si johan lumabas heheh. :)

the thing is people vote kasi nakaka awa ang situation ng housemate. sana eh pansinin ng taong bayan na bumoboto KUNG SINO DESERVING. hindi yun purkit nakaka awa o mahirap deserving na manalo.

ito yun nangyare sa Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus.
where Robi Domingo is Deserving to win rather than Ejay Falcon who needs to win.
in the end nanalo si Ejay by a margin of 1% of votes lang yata. kasi people thinks he deserves to win kasi mahirap sya.

sana maging smart naman ang tao.

so you might react bakit eh si Johan ang pinag initan ko dito:
kasi from the start sa pbb, wala ako nakita na naitulong nya - blame abs cbn kasi putol ang primetime. he might need the prize and all but i dont see the effort. i dont see na deserving sya. nayayabangan pa nga ako sakanya eh kesa kay Paul Jake. sorry sa mga Johan fans or sa mga kakilala kay Johan. but this is my opinion. :)

i want melay to win. i want tibo na manalo din or maging 2nd place. for me, they are both deserving this rather than jason, paul jake or johan.. i want this for tibo for his family. he scarificed alot. i think he is a good father. i want this for melay din. i want to tell her na dont be insecure.

and after making this post,
i agree, na carried away ako dahil sa pbb. pbb is indeed a great reality show. :D

i want to share this experience kanina.
when jason was saved - wala kami reaction it is expected na kasi.
when pauljake was saved - ayun, nag bebet na kami na nakay Johan or Mariel ang matatanggal
when Johan was saved - ayun nagalit ako. hahahah and we were thinking that baka si tibo pa matanggal
when mariel was booted out - ayun, naawa ako sakanya. againm i want mariel rather than johan.

anyway this is the end of this post. mga pinoy dyan, boto kayo sa poll... :)


Complete Hideeni Roses's & More Spoilers for February 8

For the first batch of spoilers for next week, CLICK ME!

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Minor Site Updates!

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i have just updated our 2010 Dolls Colection and our Flower & Tree Database . :) it is now up to date and i hope you enjoy the compilation. :D

since last week, i am busy with my life (haha) and i am also managing another blog. my life is indeed so stressfull. :) and yes, i am emotionally unstable this past days.. haha :D anyway what made me continue on updating this site is because your unending support. :) you always visit my site. we may not be the first one to show you the spoilers, we may not be the best of all pet society blogs, we may not have thousands of visitors but the most important to me is you still choose to visit us rather visiting other blogs. i saw an increase visitors since i launch the site last september. i am grateful and happy.


Pet Society's Valentines' Day Feature + Chinese New Year Items!

Hello my dear visitors! Before I start.....I want to apologize for the late posting of this post, for the reason that I opted not to say in public!

By the way, going back to our topic..... Yes! it is true! Valentines' week Feature plus the valentines feature now doubled up with the Chinese New year items so us, pet society addicts will be expecting more nice items from playfish!

So an added information.... I would like to inform you that this is the first post that I will be making after my account was hacked and said goodbye to my pet Chem.... now I do have a new one and guess what! his name is Chemmie! You may notice that the looks of my new pet is extremely similar to Chem.....why? simply because of that I love the way chem looks so what's the reason for making my new pet similar? By the way in this post I want to thank my friends ( who are also contributors here) for giving me some of their spares! they are..... Darkie who gave an overwhelming great number of dolls! I was surprised! and Shin wwho gave some doors and windows! thanks for that Shin! Love you guys!

Now.... here is it! Promise! My apologies again for posting some things that can take you a long time before you read my post....... unless you do not read all of the things written...just like me.... I never read the whole document because its not practical.....

Well now... Ill be posting the new items with a different style.... pictures first because I do know some of the visitors that do not read what we writes and ONLY focuses on the let this post be a tribute to y'all!

Now..... after looking at the photos above...... what have you noticed except from the above mentioned information that the ideas that will be released this and the succeeding weeks will be showcasing the Valentine and Chinese new year? The font???? nope!
For me....except from the Valentine theme..... the items possess the colors ranging from pink, red and purple which is a minus point for me.... Why did I say so???? simply because my pet is a boy and it is a bit ironic if I will be decorating my pet's house with items with TOO MUCH gir-ly items.... ( Note: a little girl-y items is not bad). One plus point for me is that items were very cute but disappointed when I realized that the items that I planned to buy when I saw the spoilers were found on the cash shop which means that if I wanted to get those items....I must buy an Ultimate Gaming Card or Buy Cash Coins or the most impossible thing to trade a lot because to remind my dear visitors.... My other account was hacked together with all the rares that I collected and everything!

So ...... all in all... the items for me are not that good but not that bad.....
Rating: 7.5/10.....

If there is someone who will be happy about the items.... she is the ever beautiful and the most loved visitor here... the famous.... KRYSS CARLOS! why did I say so??? because when she scammed me.... she was asking for pink items...... bad thing for her because she have to save and work a lot because her "modus operandi" or mode of operation was spread all over pet society universe! How sad! teary eyed Kryss! lol!

Well... that's the end of my post! peace y'all!

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