Pet Society's Valentines' Day Feature + Chinese New Year Items!

Hello my dear visitors! Before I start.....I want to apologize for the late posting of this post, for the reason that I opted not to say in public!

By the way, going back to our topic..... Yes! it is true! Valentines' week Feature plus the valentines feature now doubled up with the Chinese New year items so us, pet society addicts will be expecting more nice items from playfish!

So an added information.... I would like to inform you that this is the first post that I will be making after my account was hacked and said goodbye to my pet Chem.... now I do have a new one and guess what! his name is Chemmie! You may notice that the looks of my new pet is extremely similar to Chem.....why? simply because of that I love the way chem looks so what's the reason for making my new pet similar? By the way in this post I want to thank my friends ( who are also contributors here) for giving me some of their spares! they are..... Darkie who gave an overwhelming great number of dolls! I was surprised! and Shin wwho gave some doors and windows! thanks for that Shin! Love you guys!

Now.... here is it! Promise! My apologies again for posting some things that can take you a long time before you read my post....... unless you do not read all of the things written...just like me.... I never read the whole document because its not practical.....

Well now... Ill be posting the new items with a different style.... pictures first because I do know some of the visitors that do not read what we writes and ONLY focuses on the let this post be a tribute to y'all!

Now..... after looking at the photos above...... what have you noticed except from the above mentioned information that the ideas that will be released this and the succeeding weeks will be showcasing the Valentine and Chinese new year? The font???? nope!
For me....except from the Valentine theme..... the items possess the colors ranging from pink, red and purple which is a minus point for me.... Why did I say so???? simply because my pet is a boy and it is a bit ironic if I will be decorating my pet's house with items with TOO MUCH gir-ly items.... ( Note: a little girl-y items is not bad). One plus point for me is that items were very cute but disappointed when I realized that the items that I planned to buy when I saw the spoilers were found on the cash shop which means that if I wanted to get those items....I must buy an Ultimate Gaming Card or Buy Cash Coins or the most impossible thing to trade a lot because to remind my dear visitors.... My other account was hacked together with all the rares that I collected and everything!

So ...... all in all... the items for me are not that good but not that bad.....
Rating: 7.5/10.....

If there is someone who will be happy about the items.... she is the ever beautiful and the most loved visitor here... the famous.... KRYSS CARLOS! why did I say so??? because when she scammed me.... she was asking for pink items...... bad thing for her because she have to save and work a lot because her "modus operandi" or mode of operation was spread all over pet society universe! How sad! teary eyed Kryss! lol!

Well... that's the end of my post! peace y'all!

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