Minor Site Updates!

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i have just updated our 2010 Dolls Colection and our Flower & Tree Database . :) it is now up to date and i hope you enjoy the compilation. :D

since last week, i am busy with my life (haha) and i am also managing another blog. my life is indeed so stressfull. :) and yes, i am emotionally unstable this past days.. haha :D anyway what made me continue on updating this site is because your unending support. :) you always visit my site. we may not be the first one to show you the spoilers, we may not be the best of all pet society blogs, we may not have thousands of visitors but the most important to me is you still choose to visit us rather visiting other blogs. i saw an increase visitors since i launch the site last september. i am grateful and happy.

of all the pet society blogs i saw, i can proudly say that we are the ONLY site that has a DOLLS COLLECTIION DATABASE. other sites doest have that in there site. if they will have that in the future, im sure they will copy and consult my guide. hahaha!

please do comment guys. i love reading those comments. always participate in our poll as well and also, become a fan of our Facebook Fan Page.

to end this post, i want to repeat on saying,

PS: click those ads - thats the only way you can show your support! dont worry, ads are generated by google thus it has NO virus. :)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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