What is Pet Society?

Pet Society is an internet social game developed by Playfish. The game, which is launched within Facebook, has been ranked as the most popular Facebook application. New players custom design their pets, choosing genders, names, colours, and features (such as; ears, nose, mouth etc.)

There are a variety of activities with which the user can interact with the pet, including washing, brushing, petting and feeding the pet. There are also activities whereby pets can interact with the pets of those in the "friends" network. A pet can visit the pets of their friends and perform the same activities to these pets (washing, grooming, feeding, etc.). A pet can visit other pets as many times per day as it is inclined. Pets will receive coins on the first visit to each friend of the day and Paw Points on this and each subsequent visit. Ways to earn coins in Pet Society include the Daily Lottery, visiting friends, winning awards, cleaning or playing with pets, winning hurdle races or betting on the outcome of hurdle races. Ways to earn Paw Points are varied and include visiting friends, buying items and using the stadium.

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