Pet Society Spoilers for Febuary 1, 2010 Chinese & Valentines

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the chinese items are excellent while the Valentine Items are so Pink and sooo Gay! they are making the game an eyesoar. haha :) there will be lots of new things. trees, flowers, dolls, clothes and of course those greedy cash shop items.

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anyway there will be a valentine fish bait and you will get the ff fishes (pic above)

and finally!
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hope you enjoy the spoilers! i am excited cause there will be a new feature atlast.
everybody will be bankrupt next week. :)


Pet Society Game Updates + Pet Society Mystery Items - January 30

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Pet Society Fan Page on Facebook Status Message -January 30

Pet Society Facebook Fan Page can be found here

You have asked for it, now its coming! What is it? We're not telling, but we hope you like our new feature! What do you think it might be? Keep checking back to find out!
this is the reason why there are No MB today and no spoilers. shesh. i hate surprises like this. haha :)


Secret Garden + Removed Mystery Box

i am disappointed *again* with this new item in the cash shop. in order to get the Secret Garden, you must buy those stupid fairies that is 65cc in total.

so if you bought all 3 fairies, you will have a secret garden beside your garden number one, thanks for purong for the image.

i really really dont like the idea of the secret garden. it is small. only 2 plots. i want to buy it of course but 65cc - its just tooo much. mag order nalang ako ng MCDO kesa bumili ng 3 fairy's!

Removed Mystery Box, Quote from Silje at the Playfish Forum
I´ve mentioned previously that we are going to be regularly remove items from the mystery boxes.

As mentioned, as of last week we will be removing items from the mystery boxes every week. We may in the next few weeks put up a thread as this to pre-warn what items we are going to remove, however, in the long run we will probably be wanting to inform about the removed items at the same time as the new items are added, they aren´t called "mystery boxes" without reason

The items that are being removed this week are the following:

BMB: Nine-Square Shelving
GMB: Grape Mirror
GMB: Little Frog Doll

thats all for now.. :)

pet society worst nightmare - worst than a scammer

Nothing is safe in the internet, anyone can access it anytime, if they wanted to and if they knew exactly what to do.
It all started while i was chatting with my friend through facebook while shifting into playing plants vs zombies every minute or so. It was just a matter of ALT+TAB. Then a friend of mine wanted to trade Playfish cash (cash coins or blue coins as others call it). My internet connection was going haywire that time and i checked if i still had enough PF cash left, but after a while she cancelled the transaction. Since my connection was going on and off, my YM would log in and log off and so on as well.When my internet connection was finally stable i was surprised that my YM didnt automatically log in.I tried my password over and over again then it dawned to me. My Facebook and Email accounts were hacked.
I raced to recover my email address then proceeded to retrieve my Facebook account by resetting my password when it showed "invalid email". I was stunned for a second as i realized "oh no, he replaced my Facebook account's email.."

As of now i filed my report to Facebook and is waiting for a response. I've done my detective work and I have all the evidence that I need if Facebook questions my report. I feel like I have filed a blotter report to the police, I have all the evidence and is currently waiting for the police to take action.

My doll collection before and after i was hacked:


1. Never give your username and password to anyone.

2. Never display your email openly for everyone to see, they might not know your password but they can try hacking you once they know your email.

3. Do not add random people or those whom you dont know, they could be hackers.

4. Make sure you control on who are the people who can who can view you and control the info that people can know about you. you might love to show the people who you are but some malicious people might use it against you.

5. In PET SOCIETY, always delete people after trade, especially random people. Always be alert on information on WHO has been HACKED and delete those accounts from your friend list as well. (this was my mistake a few days ago i heard from my friend that another friend has been hacked and her name changed after that i was the next victim!i forgot to delete her!)

6. Never take your security settings for granted, alternate emails, passwords, security questions. They might save your (virtual) life.

7. Be careful in using some applications. Some might be disguised as quizzes or "all about me" questions and ask for access to your account to allow publishing results but others are just trying to gain access to your personal info.

Hope you'll take my advices and the same thing wont happen to you. Wish me luck on my fight against cyber crime. I'll continue to blog here to post if there are any updates. Have a Safe day!


Chemelo's Facebook account: HACKED!

Yesterday, I was trying trying to open my account on facebook. I was frustrated when I wasnt able to do so because I knew that mmy account was hacked. Maybe it is because of that a hacker had interest on my items upon seeing them here.
The hacker may be one of my friends whom I've added without even knowing them or maybe one of the visitors of this site because Ive noticed that there are a lot of people who kept on asking for friendship through facebook which is the reason why I post my email to this site not caring about the fact that a hacker may see my e-mail address and hack my account!
Now its is gone and I hope that this will serve as a lesson to the people who kept on posting their email address in this site or to those who constantly keep on adding friends on facebook despite of the fact the person they are adding has no relationship with them......
Please keep in mind all the things that might happen to your account when you add people whom you dont know.

Also... I want to take this opportunity to ask my fellow pet society addicts for help.....Anyone who has excess items can donate to my new pet... Chemmie..... everything counts..... thank you!

Magnificent Mystery Box

when i saw this one in the spoilers - i was quite disappointed. they cost 5cc each and 75% of the items inside arent that worth it. this is a no-no item for me. i thought i would never experience to have this box until...

my Thai close friend gifted one for me. :) aki was so happy that he didnt dared open the magnificent mystery box. i also debated myself if ill open it or not - usualy i dont display ugly rares inside my house and i cant stand that my Thai friend spent 5cc for me and ill get some trash inside so i wont open it, ill just display it.

so items in the magnificent mystery box are the past 2008 and half 2009 TWS items. :) here is the list that one of my staff got:
compiled to us by Shin.. :D
Classic Red JukeBox
Black Glamorous Bed
Red Electric Guitar
Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch
Hot Pink Laptop
Gold Bamboo
Luminous Gothic View Window
Luminous Sweetheart Makeup Table
Rosy Cute Dining Table
Belem Tower View Window
Pet Parade Balloon
Rosy Cute Lamp
Merlin's Hat
Pet's Orb Decor
Rocking Horse Decor
Gold Framed Globe
OMG Painting
Baby Chick Doll
Floral Wooden Cat Decor
Carnival Decoration
Ice Throne
Pirate Tricorn
Ruby Red Jacuzzi
Leprechaun Doll
Deluxe Feather Headdress
Paris View Window
Daffodil Basket
Golden Cup
Dragon Boat Bench
Deluxe Toothbrush Set
Vintage Metal Trunk
Dragon Flag Deco
Red Checker Dining Table
Blue Bubble Picture
Treasure Map Poster
Butterfly Wind Chime
Princess Toaster
Orange Canvas Organiser
Oceanic Parrot Decor
Old Ship Clock
Treasure Chest Decor
Small Potion Pot
Golden Cup
Luminous City Subway Lamp
City Girl Makeup Table
Pink Jello
Queen's Throne
Baby's Laundry Decor
Moulin Rouge Miniature
Pet Noir Poster
Liberty Pet Statue
Inca Panpipes

well what do you think? :)


Monday Items, January 25,2010

Sorry for last week it was my turn but...i got was unable to update (bows down and begs mercy to my beloved boss and readers).

This week try to practice your Australian lingo (random trivia: shiela is girl in Australian) and Aussie Accents mates, it's time to hit the down under since it is Australia Themed week.

First stop is the DIY store. We have some nice Australian and Beach items. I love the Sydney Opera House window and the Ayer Rock! And finally white sand for our beaches :D

I love the LUXURY items! Perfect for the beach theme.

In Furniture i think the game designers must be confused!! WHy are the first two items from Scotland? Not Australia? The bagpipe and Lochness Monster (nessie)? Its soooo least beaches are ok, i mean Australia has great beaches (Great Barrier Reef and surfing anyone?). But the Lochness Monster? But I love all plushies anyways!
The clothes are okay for me...i like the beach items more though. The hat reminds me of Outback Adventurers!
In Garden there's the Eucalyptus Tree with adorable Koalas (sooo cute~) and in the Food i think they're okay of the food looks like lumpia o turon to me LOL.

For the CC, it has nothing to do with Australia, but more on forests, gardens and faeries.
If you complete the 3 faeries you get to own a secret garden. it is a small garden near the 1st garden that has two plots,Is it worth the CC? it depends upon you but for me, no i dont think so. a lot of CC for two plots? But i do love the jungle theme in CC and helping WWF while buying them is a plus! Then there's a new mystery box, im not quite interested since its a mystery box, i may get doubles!
My verdict for this week, Australia theme is okay but i do wish there were diving and underwater stuff though..
Happy shopping this week mates!


Spoilers for January 25, 2010 [Australian/Beach Theme]

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i was disapointed that may greedy item next week sa Cash Shop!
You must buy those stupid fairies so that you will have a new room. and guess what, 3 fairies might cost around 80cc - i wont buy that thing, sorry Playfish!!

i love the items next week... :) makes me wanna change my room 1 asap.... :) the dolls are to die for.. they are so cuteeeeeee :D

and finally, ill be happy to open one of these! image from petsocietychatandtrade forum
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i am excited to open these box! but sad to say each box costs 5CC!.. :) but wait, it does say COLLECTION OF ITEMS? so we might get a collection rather than one item (i think).

so what do you think of the spoilers? :) leave a comment or chat with us on our Fan Page. :)

Mystery Items released on January 23, 2010 + Game Updates + New Flower

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game updates:

1. Pet Society is giving away 1000 Gold Coins if you click 'Yes, share my email' on the Facebook request message. see pic below :)

Warning from prince_don: there will be no Pet Society Notifications soon - instead, the notifications will be sent out to your email! do you want to see Bob gave Juan a massive Hug in your mailbox? hahahaha :)

but Silje pointed this out on the Forum:

We´ve noticed a few threads asking about the new "share your email" question you get when playing Pet Society.

I can assure you that we will not be spamming you with emails if you decide to share it with us - we will use it to keep in touch with you as a player of Pet Society! To inform you about Pet Society events such as new features, new items and special player bonuses.

We won't pass your email onto third parties and you can unsubscribe at any time.

I understand that there is also some confusion on the wording used in the share dialogue, as it mentions that notifications will cease to exist. We will NOT be using email to send you things that are currently specific notifications such as when a friend have visited your pet etc.

And one final thing, in the future, some features such as bonus coins and items will ONLY be available to email subscribers!

I hope that clears up some of the confusion you might have with this new feature.

2. New Flower: i dont know its name though!! Image from Pet Society Friends :)

3. Just like Myspace, you will be able to send out 50 coins to users!! :) well, 50 is not much, but its okay rather than nothing?

And just in case that wasn’t quite enough excitement for one day, when Sirius spun her lottery wheel, there was yet another surprise in store! After collecting her lottery winnings, she was given 50 bonus coins to share with 5 of her friends, by sharing on her Facebook wall. She quickly published it to her Facebook feed, and hoped a few of her friends would enjoy the extra coins (perhaps to purchase a Red Mystery Box)!
My thoughts for todays update:
Excellent! :) Pet Society is indeed making everything to be on top. why? there were alot of changes eversince Petville of 'Zyngayagay' became a direct competitor of Pet Society. i think the Pet Society Team woke up and realized that there styles of making this game difficult to earn coins are all over. now they must to everything so that US the loyal players will not quit. :)

so what do you think of the Mystery Items? i love the teddy and the yellow hoodie.. anyone wants to send me those? :)

this week updates!

i do apologize for not posting anything since our last spoilers a week ago. :) Pet Society Philippines Staff and the Admin (thats me) is very busy! well not quite :D but i am happy because inspite that we dont have any new post, you still visit our site. :)

there is a new fish in the pond, you can get this one by using the new food: Groovy Sandwhich.

i am also aware that quite a number of you are visiting our 2010 Dolls Database since i published it. yes, i started a new one rather than adding new dolls in the old 2009 Database because i think it will confuse players. :)

our 2010 Dolls Database is updated right now, as i added the following pic to the list
Free Image Hosting at
the 2010 dolls room is under construction since i do not have these cash shop dolls yet, no one wants to trade cc anymore. and i am short of money (and time) right now. :)

meanwhile, in the next pet society game update, they will be removing these Items from the Mystery Box, you may want to read this post by silje

I´ve mentioned previously that we are going to be regularly remove items from the mystery boxes.

As mentioned, as of last week we will be removing items from the mystery boxes every week. We may in the next few weeks put up a thread as this to pre-warn what items we are going to remove, however, in the long run we will probably be wanting to inform about the removed items at the same time as the new items are added, they aren´t called "mystery boxes" without reason

The items that are being removed this week are the following:

BMB: Paper Pinwheel
GMB: Bear Mask
GMB: Lifebuoy Deco
finally, i am busy because i am addicted with this new game by Payfish. its Gangster City! its like a Mafia Wars type of game only with animations (like a comic book) and they really have an excellent graphics. you may wanna check this blog that i created,

and you may want to donate any amount for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. i added the banner from the Playfish forum in this site. i added it so that on my own way, i could help and raise money for them.

thanks for visiting this site... :)

Pet Society Spoilers for January 18, 2010

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i like some items for next week. :) obviously we will have a retro week, but i think the items are too orange, too glossy and shiny,dont you think? but over all, i think its excellent! btw, the black and white shelves are to die for, atleast they will release something like that into the game! i personally need shelves for my dolls and this is perfect way to organize the dolls. i will start a new room for 2010 dolls since my cc room is jampacked with all the 2009 Dolls.

they will also release a Black Wallpaper which i was soooooo happy when i found out. :D the prices are i think starting to rise up? Dolls are worth 700 before... but now it is worth 800.

and since the WWF animals are last week instore this week, we will be having another set of WWF items next week. i like them but they are expensive, thats why i didnt upload them. there are atleast 3 dolls that is worth 8cc each. plus there was a somewhat like a Fruit Fairy that is worth25cc! wtf?

so are you prepared for the retro week? :D


New Mystery Items Released on January 15, 2010

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i think they are too........ orange and retro? :D ill be getting the mat and the radio... but the shades? hmm no thanks!:)

Pet Society Game Updates January 15, 2010

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There was a bit of a game updates today at Pet Society. :)

1. you can earn more coins by brushing or cleaning your pet and your neighbors pet.:) >i dont know how much coins you earn but i think it is still little.
2. Increased profits in Cooking! >i dont cook, sorry! :)
3. productive trees > this could explain why my tree last week bear 4 fruits! :D
4. You can now gift the Holiday Calendar Ornaments to a friend or sell or recycle them.
5. threes a new fish spotted in the Pond using the Pro Fishing Gear!
6. Lastly, the Mayor of Pet Society is giving away exclusive (not giftable, not sellable,not recyclable) gift to all those who are Fan of Pet Society Fan Page on Facebook! Aki was so happy to see it was a cute doll! :)

Free Image Hosting at

Spoilers and the new Mystery Items will be posted later. :)

Edit by Chemelo:

There is still another update that I have noticed. I admit that I do have more than one “Playfish 2009 Holiday Gift”. Before the maintenance, its original sellback price is 249 ( not so sure but it is surely more than two hundred). Now the sell back price is just 33 coins…. how tragic!


Pet Society Teddy NEW.!

Pet Society Teddy:
guys when i open my pet i was so shock i saw the 1 gift
then when i open i was surprise as in.! because it is cute.!
but the bad is you can not gift this doll i love this doll!


onging Clearance Sale until January 13th!!

there is an ongoing clearance sale in some shops. :) 50% off. i really dont know why some recent items (2-3months ago) ware in clearance sale now... they should first remove the items that where there since 2008. i am more interested in the Luxury Items. :) then i realized that they are old - and ugly compared to the upcoming items. :)

here they are. and enjoy shopping. :)

all of them will be removed tmrw... :)

Contemporary and Snow White Theme January 11

i don't like the clothes for this week it so very simple but i like the 1
hair band

i love the 1 blue chair it's nice and the 1 pink elephant but some of this are
to expensive to me so i bought only th

the 1 blue elephant is nice and the 1 black chair but there
are expensive as you see :D

I love the one big mirror but to expensive to me for
that items and the 1 bed :(


i love the 1 cash items a fairy dust she is cute! and take note
if you buy her you have 50% chance to avoid withered your

Ideal room:
hello there this is my room some of ps player they have not idea hot to design there room
so i would like to give an idea to design your room :)


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