Monday Items, January 25,2010

Sorry for last week it was my turn but...i got was unable to update (bows down and begs mercy to my beloved boss and readers).

This week try to practice your Australian lingo (random trivia: shiela is girl in Australian) and Aussie Accents mates, it's time to hit the down under since it is Australia Themed week.

First stop is the DIY store. We have some nice Australian and Beach items. I love the Sydney Opera House window and the Ayer Rock! And finally white sand for our beaches :D

I love the LUXURY items! Perfect for the beach theme.

In Furniture i think the game designers must be confused!! WHy are the first two items from Scotland? Not Australia? The bagpipe and Lochness Monster (nessie)? Its soooo least beaches are ok, i mean Australia has great beaches (Great Barrier Reef and surfing anyone?). But the Lochness Monster? But I love all plushies anyways!
The clothes are okay for me...i like the beach items more though. The hat reminds me of Outback Adventurers!
In Garden there's the Eucalyptus Tree with adorable Koalas (sooo cute~) and in the Food i think they're okay of the food looks like lumpia o turon to me LOL.

For the CC, it has nothing to do with Australia, but more on forests, gardens and faeries.
If you complete the 3 faeries you get to own a secret garden. it is a small garden near the 1st garden that has two plots,Is it worth the CC? it depends upon you but for me, no i dont think so. a lot of CC for two plots? But i do love the jungle theme in CC and helping WWF while buying them is a plus! Then there's a new mystery box, im not quite interested since its a mystery box, i may get doubles!
My verdict for this week, Australia theme is okay but i do wish there were diving and underwater stuff though..
Happy shopping this week mates!

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