pet society worst nightmare - worst than a scammer

Nothing is safe in the internet, anyone can access it anytime, if they wanted to and if they knew exactly what to do.
It all started while i was chatting with my friend through facebook while shifting into playing plants vs zombies every minute or so. It was just a matter of ALT+TAB. Then a friend of mine wanted to trade Playfish cash (cash coins or blue coins as others call it). My internet connection was going haywire that time and i checked if i still had enough PF cash left, but after a while she cancelled the transaction. Since my connection was going on and off, my YM would log in and log off and so on as well.When my internet connection was finally stable i was surprised that my YM didnt automatically log in.I tried my password over and over again then it dawned to me. My Facebook and Email accounts were hacked.
I raced to recover my email address then proceeded to retrieve my Facebook account by resetting my password when it showed "invalid email". I was stunned for a second as i realized "oh no, he replaced my Facebook account's email.."

As of now i filed my report to Facebook and is waiting for a response. I've done my detective work and I have all the evidence that I need if Facebook questions my report. I feel like I have filed a blotter report to the police, I have all the evidence and is currently waiting for the police to take action.

My doll collection before and after i was hacked:


1. Never give your username and password to anyone.

2. Never display your email openly for everyone to see, they might not know your password but they can try hacking you once they know your email.

3. Do not add random people or those whom you dont know, they could be hackers.

4. Make sure you control on who are the people who can who can view you and control the info that people can know about you. you might love to show the people who you are but some malicious people might use it against you.

5. In PET SOCIETY, always delete people after trade, especially random people. Always be alert on information on WHO has been HACKED and delete those accounts from your friend list as well. (this was my mistake a few days ago i heard from my friend that another friend has been hacked and her name changed after that i was the next victim!i forgot to delete her!)

6. Never take your security settings for granted, alternate emails, passwords, security questions. They might save your (virtual) life.

7. Be careful in using some applications. Some might be disguised as quizzes or "all about me" questions and ask for access to your account to allow publishing results but others are just trying to gain access to your personal info.

Hope you'll take my advices and the same thing wont happen to you. Wish me luck on my fight against cyber crime. I'll continue to blog here to post if there are any updates. Have a Safe day!

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