Secret Garden + Removed Mystery Box

i am disappointed *again* with this new item in the cash shop. in order to get the Secret Garden, you must buy those stupid fairies that is 65cc in total.

so if you bought all 3 fairies, you will have a secret garden beside your garden number one, thanks for purong for the image.

i really really dont like the idea of the secret garden. it is small. only 2 plots. i want to buy it of course but 65cc - its just tooo much. mag order nalang ako ng MCDO kesa bumili ng 3 fairy's!

Removed Mystery Box, Quote from Silje at the Playfish Forum
I´ve mentioned previously that we are going to be regularly remove items from the mystery boxes.

As mentioned, as of last week we will be removing items from the mystery boxes every week. We may in the next few weeks put up a thread as this to pre-warn what items we are going to remove, however, in the long run we will probably be wanting to inform about the removed items at the same time as the new items are added, they aren´t called "mystery boxes" without reason

The items that are being removed this week are the following:

BMB: Nine-Square Shelving
GMB: Grape Mirror
GMB: Little Frog Doll

thats all for now.. :)

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