Chemelo's Facebook account: HACKED!

Yesterday, I was trying trying to open my account on facebook. I was frustrated when I wasnt able to do so because I knew that mmy account was hacked. Maybe it is because of that a hacker had interest on my items upon seeing them here.
The hacker may be one of my friends whom I've added without even knowing them or maybe one of the visitors of this site because Ive noticed that there are a lot of people who kept on asking for friendship through facebook which is the reason why I post my email to this site not caring about the fact that a hacker may see my e-mail address and hack my account!
Now its is gone and I hope that this will serve as a lesson to the people who kept on posting their email address in this site or to those who constantly keep on adding friends on facebook despite of the fact the person they are adding has no relationship with them......
Please keep in mind all the things that might happen to your account when you add people whom you dont know.

Also... I want to take this opportunity to ask my fellow pet society addicts for help.....Anyone who has excess items can donate to my new pet... Chemmie..... everything counts..... thank you!

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