this week updates!

i do apologize for not posting anything since our last spoilers a week ago. :) Pet Society Philippines Staff and the Admin (thats me) is very busy! well not quite :D but i am happy because inspite that we dont have any new post, you still visit our site. :)

there is a new fish in the pond, you can get this one by using the new food: Groovy Sandwhich.

i am also aware that quite a number of you are visiting our 2010 Dolls Database since i published it. yes, i started a new one rather than adding new dolls in the old 2009 Database because i think it will confuse players. :)

our 2010 Dolls Database is updated right now, as i added the following pic to the list
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the 2010 dolls room is under construction since i do not have these cash shop dolls yet, no one wants to trade cc anymore. and i am short of money (and time) right now. :)

meanwhile, in the next pet society game update, they will be removing these Items from the Mystery Box, you may want to read this post by silje

I´ve mentioned previously that we are going to be regularly remove items from the mystery boxes.

As mentioned, as of last week we will be removing items from the mystery boxes every week. We may in the next few weeks put up a thread as this to pre-warn what items we are going to remove, however, in the long run we will probably be wanting to inform about the removed items at the same time as the new items are added, they aren´t called "mystery boxes" without reason

The items that are being removed this week are the following:

BMB: Paper Pinwheel
GMB: Bear Mask
GMB: Lifebuoy Deco
finally, i am busy because i am addicted with this new game by Payfish. its Gangster City! its like a Mafia Wars type of game only with animations (like a comic book) and they really have an excellent graphics. you may wanna check this blog that i created,

and you may want to donate any amount for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. i added the banner from the Playfish forum in this site. i added it so that on my own way, i could help and raise money for them.

thanks for visiting this site... :)

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