Pet Society Spoilers for January 18, 2010

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i like some items for next week. :) obviously we will have a retro week, but i think the items are too orange, too glossy and shiny,dont you think? but over all, i think its excellent! btw, the black and white shelves are to die for, atleast they will release something like that into the game! i personally need shelves for my dolls and this is perfect way to organize the dolls. i will start a new room for 2010 dolls since my cc room is jampacked with all the 2009 Dolls.

they will also release a Black Wallpaper which i was soooooo happy when i found out. :D the prices are i think starting to rise up? Dolls are worth 700 before... but now it is worth 800.

and since the WWF animals are last week instore this week, we will be having another set of WWF items next week. i like them but they are expensive, thats why i didnt upload them. there are atleast 3 dolls that is worth 8cc each. plus there was a somewhat like a Fruit Fairy that is worth25cc! wtf?

so are you prepared for the retro week? :D


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