Mystery Items released on January 23, 2010 + Game Updates + New Flower

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game updates:

1. Pet Society is giving away 1000 Gold Coins if you click 'Yes, share my email' on the Facebook request message. see pic below :)

Warning from prince_don: there will be no Pet Society Notifications soon - instead, the notifications will be sent out to your email! do you want to see Bob gave Juan a massive Hug in your mailbox? hahahaha :)

but Silje pointed this out on the Forum:

We´ve noticed a few threads asking about the new "share your email" question you get when playing Pet Society.

I can assure you that we will not be spamming you with emails if you decide to share it with us - we will use it to keep in touch with you as a player of Pet Society! To inform you about Pet Society events such as new features, new items and special player bonuses.

We won't pass your email onto third parties and you can unsubscribe at any time.

I understand that there is also some confusion on the wording used in the share dialogue, as it mentions that notifications will cease to exist. We will NOT be using email to send you things that are currently specific notifications such as when a friend have visited your pet etc.

And one final thing, in the future, some features such as bonus coins and items will ONLY be available to email subscribers!

I hope that clears up some of the confusion you might have with this new feature.

2. New Flower: i dont know its name though!! Image from Pet Society Friends :)

3. Just like Myspace, you will be able to send out 50 coins to users!! :) well, 50 is not much, but its okay rather than nothing?

And just in case that wasn’t quite enough excitement for one day, when Sirius spun her lottery wheel, there was yet another surprise in store! After collecting her lottery winnings, she was given 50 bonus coins to share with 5 of her friends, by sharing on her Facebook wall. She quickly published it to her Facebook feed, and hoped a few of her friends would enjoy the extra coins (perhaps to purchase a Red Mystery Box)!
My thoughts for todays update:
Excellent! :) Pet Society is indeed making everything to be on top. why? there were alot of changes eversince Petville of 'Zyngayagay' became a direct competitor of Pet Society. i think the Pet Society Team woke up and realized that there styles of making this game difficult to earn coins are all over. now they must to everything so that US the loyal players will not quit. :)

so what do you think of the Mystery Items? i love the teddy and the yellow hoodie.. anyone wants to send me those? :)

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