Pet Society Game Updates January 15, 2010

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There was a bit of a game updates today at Pet Society. :)

1. you can earn more coins by brushing or cleaning your pet and your neighbors pet.:) >i dont know how much coins you earn but i think it is still little.
2. Increased profits in Cooking! >i dont cook, sorry! :)
3. productive trees > this could explain why my tree last week bear 4 fruits! :D
4. You can now gift the Holiday Calendar Ornaments to a friend or sell or recycle them.
5. threes a new fish spotted in the Pond using the Pro Fishing Gear!
6. Lastly, the Mayor of Pet Society is giving away exclusive (not giftable, not sellable,not recyclable) gift to all those who are Fan of Pet Society Fan Page on Facebook! Aki was so happy to see it was a cute doll! :)

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Spoilers and the new Mystery Items will be posted later. :)

Edit by Chemelo:

There is still another update that I have noticed. I admit that I do have more than one “Playfish 2009 Holiday Gift”. Before the maintenance, its original sellback price is 249 ( not so sure but it is surely more than two hundred). Now the sell back price is just 33 coins…. how tragic!

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