Monday Items, February 15,2010

Sorry for the late post of this article. I have been busy on to the Monday Items for this week. :)

If you ask me i think I'm confused on what the theme is..i feel like it's lots of Random stuff for this week. I was actually hoping that this week would be Lunar New Year or Mardi Gras week but I was mistaken.

First of all let us check the items in the furniture shop. There are some space items, Pirate Items and what is tha floating ghost doing in there? I like the items but they all seem too random for me! I love the bikes though i really wish my pet could ride them :)

Next are items from the garden. One seems to be a park bench with design while the other
a cave that xan be placed next to the beach. I love the cave!

Next are stuff in the Cash shop. It seems to be a Belated Year of the Tiger Celebration for our Pets. I absolutely adore the plushies and the petling (for those who are curious to see how the Petling will grow we have an article that features its day by day growth)
The treehouse is adorable! a perfect addition to a garden theme or city park theme room.

In the Clothes shop as usual a bunch of Random items are thrown in like Pirates, Space and even RObin hood and Kill Bill???? Love the new wigs though. And as for the rest of the stuff, there are marine objects and city door for D.I.Y., antique stuff for gadgets, Pirate Punch (Rhum for us adults ;P) and random food in Food,a space station and bars for Luxury (would my Pirate Punch look good in my modern bar..?).
The items are okay but i sure wish Pet Society would stick to a weekly theme (1, 2 or 3 themes) next time. sinc eit makes it easier for us to design and identify the objects. The robin hoot hat seems too out of place to me! And i wish the obejcts with wheels were ridable (wishful thinking XD. ...) I cant wait for more petlings but is upset since i dont have CC anymore! :'(
How about you? Did the random items confuse you or did you like not having weekly themes for this week?

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