Pet Society Philippines Exclusive! New Pet Society Feature COMING VERY SOON! All about the New Feature "Pet's Town" Read here!

Hi there Pet Society fans!
As most of you will already know, Pets Town is coming to Pet Society! I’m very excited to share this with you.  So sit back and let me tell you of all the new things that will be happening very soon!

The wait is nearly over!
Pets Town is a new interactive area that your Pet will be part of. Pets Town will include all the current shops and features, but will also be home to some brand new features!
Not only will your Pet be able to explore around Pets Town, each Pet will have the opportunity to unlock their very own space! You’ll be able to decorate your house exterior and brand new yard, and show it off to your friends!
For any anxious Pets out there, fear not! Your current Pet, house and existing items will remain!

How to unlock your house exterior and brand new yard
All players at Level 6 and above will have the opportunity to unlock their own house exterior and brand new yard. However, you will notice your yard is currently home to some very cute squirrels. Before you can start decorating, you must build them a new home! You’ll need to team up with your friends and ask them for an Acorn, Roof Tile and Tree Bark.
Once you have received all the components, congratulations! Not only have you been rewarded with a cool Squirrel House, you can also now start decorating your house exterior and brand new yard!
Not at Level 6 yet? Then get to work! Your pet has a house exterior and brand new yard that needs you!
Get decorating!
Now it’s over to you! Click on the ‘Decorate Outside’ button and pick your favorite items! Need some help deciding what to pick? Take a walk around Pets Town and see how your friends have decorated their house exterior and yard! You can even see mine!

There are many new coin items and a handful of cash luxury items that you can decorate with so make sure you check out the Forum on Thursday for a full list of items available.
Help needed!
I’ve been so busy with the launch of Pets Town, I’ve lost track of my animals! My furry friends in Pets Town desperately need returning. When you find them, click on them and I’ll send you a reward! My generosity can be taken advantage of on a daily basis.

The Mayor

OMG - SO What do you think about this?

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