Prince Don Speaks: Pet Society Philippines to be renamed as Pet Society China? OMG!

well as the title says it all.... what do you think? :)

OF COURSE, HATS IMPOSSIBLE! :) so for our Fans, worry no more, Pet Society Philippines WILL ALWAYS BE Pet Society Philippines. :)

so why China was dragged in this thing? well, that's because i am going to Republic of China this Thursday-Tuesday! :)

yes, im going there for a little vacation with my family, will roam around Macau and we will check out Disneyland in Hongkong as well... :)

the hard part is, as much as i want to treat this "vacation" as vacation, i really cant, because i have responsibilities like THIS BLOG! we all know that they update the game every Thursday. and Thursday is my flight to China, that means i might NOT update the blog during that day or during my 5 day vacation there. i will try to update the blog but i wont promise. :) 

i hope the internet in the Hotel is fast enough to accommodate the whole pack (all of use has laptops and in need of internet) so good luck on that.

so any tips you want to give out?

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