Top 20 Facebook Games - February 18, 2011 Pet Society is the 9th played game on Facebook.

Pet Society lost about 900 thousand players, and now it is the 9th played game on Facebook. last december, the game is still on the 8th spot (click me to resirect) but because CityVille debuted, all the games moved one step down... but even though CityVille debuted, the game is falling down... last december 2010, the game has 12,1 million players but look above, it has only 11.2 million players and the game is NOT growing, it is still losing players.....

i hope the new feature Pets Town will help the game gain one step higher or more... but in the looks of it, no one is interested into creating Pets anymore.... Pet Society is dying, and thats a fact. :(

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