Restaurant City Cash Items for sale! VERY VERY CHEAP!

since my best friend forced me to do this, i have no choice but to follow! :)

anyway as you can see below our banner, there is an advertisement about Restaurant City Cash Items that is for sale, that is the site of my best friend. he is selling these Cash Items because he is disappointed about the hacks that happened before. He is an addict of RC and almost bought ALL Cash Items until he lost the will to play.

he almost spend like $500 in the game. now he thinks that he wants to sell this rather than keeping the items.. since he will be deleting the entire application soon.

now he told me that he is selling these really cheap.

for only $1, you will get 2 Cash Items that is below 25PFC.
and for only $1, you will get 1 Cash Item that is 25PFC above (example Gingerbread Bed)

since he told me that buyers might be doubtful to him, i will be the one who will fix this transaction, yes, so if ever ill scam you or what, blame me, and this site, Pet Society Philippines. :)

if your interested. please send an email to

note, he has all cash items. refer to the image below our banner, THANKS!

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