REPOST: Pet Society Philippines is hiring (again)! :)

UPDATE: I am now officially hiring! please be a fan of Pet Society Philippines Like Page and write on the wall or you could email please state WHY you want to be part of this site... :) Please be WARY that somebody might impersonate me. I DO NOT BEG/ASK FOR ITEMS. :)

To the 3 who sent a comment last week, please write on the Wall of PSP as i cant send you an email. :)


Im going back to school by June this year. that's why i need more people who can help me update this site. i am also looking admins for our fan page. i can still update this but i want to be sure that someone can update it if ever im busy.. :)

im looking for atleast 2-4 people. if you think your qualified, comment this post or leave a message in the Fan Page.

1. You must be a Pet Society Addict!
2. You must be a member of the main Playfish Forum -> or any Pet Society Forums (that is where you would get the trending topics about pet society for the week)
3. Can write straight English. NO FILIPINO JEJEMONS PLEASE!
4. Can update this site or fan page once or twice a week.
5. Can be trusted. :D
6. 16 years old and up, Male or Female, from ANY country!
7. Is willing to learn basic photo editors.
8. You must be Polite and Kind. i dont want rude people. :)

if your hired, you can advertise anything here and you will received some free gifts from me... :)

so what are you waiting for? :)

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