Pet Society Philippines Speaks: Its my Birthday Today!

Since its my birthday today, Im giving out some of my Items in Pet Society! BEOME A FAN/LIKE our Facebook Fan/Like Page now! (The Link is at the bottom of the title of the post and in the left and right sidebar of the blog) Contest will be for 1 HOUR ONLY @ 3PM GMT+8 (Philippine Time) Im giving out items from 2008-2009!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank people who are visiting this site often! its like my birthday everyday when I see people from Egypt, Canada, Peru, Argentina, USA, Russia, Italy who visits the site regularly. I hope i could say thank you to you personally. :)

i also want to say thanks to some people who sent there greetings in petsocietyphilippines email. there were 8 of you who sent me a message.. :)

whats my birthday wish? I just want to have a long life. I wasted too much time in the past! :)
and if ever you want to give me a gift... hahaahhaah! i just want to have a Mayor Figurine LOL! :) it would definitly make me happy if ill get one! :)

anyway dont forget to become a fan. and again thank you visitors and specially thank you to God and Jesus! :) God Bless us ALL!

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