Pet Society Money Glitch - It wasnt a glitch after all. and yes, Playfish is SELFISH!

The money glitch that happened for 14 hours was patched by Playfish!
if you dont know about it, please care to read:
oh i think Patched is not the word. i think FIXED is the right word.

im back again into critizing Playfish.:)

i think Pet Society Team is just plainly ruining the fun out of this game...
i mean why patch a mistake that is going on for hours?
why not wait for the next day?
why not LET make POOR pets rich just for 1 day??

i mean its Christmas! somehow we deserve these kind of mistakes...
i honestly wasn't able to do it :)
because i am busy the whole day preparing Noche Buena!

i knew about it by around 3pm Philippine time...
alot of you guys emailed me about it. THANKS!
the fan page was bombared with this info.
and i wrote an article by 5pm due to insisted public demand.
by 10pm, it was patched.

i therefore conclude that Playfish is just plainly SELFISH by fixing this....
they want us to suffer.
EVERYBODY enjoyed what happened today.
including those people (me included) who buy Playfish Cash Coins.

anyway how many coins have you earned by using this glitch?
do you share the same sentiments as i did?

sorry for being negative with this post, im just a loyal gamer who Playfish annoys most of the time! :)
Merry Christmas again! :)

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