Pet Society Account Suspensions = U.N.F.A.I.R

as posted by Air the other day, pet society rolled out a new limit in the game.
they are suspending accounts for 24 hours if you sell 10K-20k and if you probably play too much.

this is the only game i know that you will be scared to play because if you play too much, or if you abuse it, you will be suspended.... wth.

of course, pet society doesnt give us a damn, they wont even acknowledge this limit to us!
i dont know what is this limit for... they have put too much limits in the game.

Things that can have triggered this to happen for you is:
You have sold too many items in a short period of time
You have sent too many messages in a short period of time
You have found too many treasures in a short amount of time

again, if you are suspended, dont worry, it will be back after 24 hours.

im sure this is not the last of those limits they will put in the game... im sure they will limit the fishing, digging, buying stuff. they will control our gaming....

if they continue doing this... users will decline in playing this game.

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