Monday Item [June 14, 2010]

It's one of those week again that i got excited. LOL. This week is all about Gods and Goddesses (with some little Chinese items and i completely don't know why). Shall we start with the introduction of this spiffy and pretty items? Let's go! :)

For the market there is a lot of Chinese items up for grab. The bench is kinda a little copy of the old dragon bench so yeah not really that good O_O. With that said i think the flag is a little more of a look a like of an old item too. I just can't clearly remember what it is. And also a little too big wall clock. More of a clock for Chronos the keeper of time, a keeper must be SUPER aware of the time ayt?! Let's proceed to my most fave part... FOOD!

I have tasted a rice packet so i really don't know if it is tasty or eurgh in taste O_O so yeah. /cry Only one food item... *sniffle*

Yay! A furniture fit for a god :) Golden Olympus items for Zeus and Dark Olympus items for Hades. Although i doubt Hades would like this since he has been thrown away from Olympus and been sent to the underworld. lol. The white olympus items should be for the neutral gods who is not that good and not that evil lol.

In the D.I.Y. store we could find the Arcadia Window and it's wallpaper/floor. A sight worth seeing everytime you log in to the game. Don't yah think so too?!

Alas, no wigs again for boys /cry. Isn't it unfair that gals get 2 wigs and we don't? rawr ps rawr!. The toga is more like of a copy of the cupid toga for boys back in february :( /sad. But we shall proceed!

I'm kinda intrigue with the Evolving Marble Statue. Let's all sit together and wait for the evolving of this statue. We will keep you updated with the process. Icarus wing and Hermes Shoes won't really be good together since in greek mythology with just the sandals hermes could float/fly. Andddddddd........ 5 CC! for just 3 days :( what a rip-off /cry.

Lastly, but most definitely not the least, the garden! The Nymph's lake is simply a must for everyone IMO. The white rose flower pot is simple but i say this flower pot proves the saying. Simple is beautiful! :) And now the update for monday item is over... LET'S GET DECORATING! Ciao!

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