Collaborative Items [ June 14, 2010 ]

After that HP teaser... let's go back to our regular PS update... at 12am Philippines time, PS released two new Collaborative Item...

It's the "Trumpeters Statue" and "Golden Dragon Bench". The Statue need 25 peeps and the dragon needs 30 peeps to complete. Me myself is having a hard time getting the collab items at 15 but with 25 and 30. I shall remain completely O_O. Anyway, in the release of this two new collab item is the retiring of the Royal Wedding Cake withing 1 week. Be sure to snag one before it completely retires. Like the other Collaborative items you can also get both the new collab at some cc prices O_O. Alas, PS always find a new way to earn.

With this new item i am really looking forward to having a greek mythology themed room this week... I am sure everyone is looking forward to this :) So let's sit back, relax, wait for the new items and DECORATE! Ciao! :)

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