Pet Society Phlippines Speaks: Hacking Cash Shop Items, A List of Hacked Items!


PS: I am not jealous with you guys. why would I? my pet is sooo rich to even try cheating! :) and take note, i have all those items that my good friends sent to me. and i am not generally saying that all of you are cheaters.

---Ted Failon

You wouldn't know the feeling unless you bought Playfish Cash yourself. :) its like I paid for it and YOU got it for FREE.

As some of you might know, there is ongoing Hacking in Pet Society! the Hackers bypass the Database of Pet Society and replacing it with there own database and yes, they are hacking the Items in the Cash Shop/Boutique Shop. its been weeks now and Playfish is not addressing the problem nor they are fixing it. What the HELL Playfish???

This is a serious blow to those Playfish Cash Buyers! Including me! Good thing, i spent my Playfish Cash, to the CC Rooms, not on the items. well, i do bought some items last Christmas and three months after, who would know, those items that i bought can now be hacked.

I just find it so unfair now. I Spent money in the game to get the items i want, and months after, hackers and cheaters gets the items for free without sweat. Spell Unfair?!

as i said, Only Us (Playfish Cash Buyers) are affected with this problem. some of you, might actually enjoying the ongoing hacking....

anyway, a reader sent me a list of items that can be hacked. THANKS ALICE.
again, i am not encouraging you to hack, i am merely providing a list so that you are aware what is going on! You can usually tell if your neighbor has hacked items. i am not of course looking down with poor pets!

again, hackers got theff items below by changing the database of pet society with there own-mdae database.

1. Beanstalk Room - if your neighbor is poor (NO CC rooms and no Mini Extra Room) and suddenly he has that room, basically he hacked that.

2. Cash Petlings - you cannot trade this one, so basically you have to have Playfish Cash in your account to buy Cash Petling. if your neighbor has that, its hacked.

3. Christmas/Valentines Gifts - if they are suddenly boasting in there photos that they have this items, its hacked.

4. Bigger Versions of WWF Ice Animals - if your pet has bigger WWF ice animals, its hacked. if they have small, ITS GENUINE. and also, goodluck on owning this item because as i pointed out before, having an unreleased item in your game is like risking your pet to be banned.

5. They have all colors of all the wigs in the game. - they are hacked. who would spend money to get all colors of all the wigs??

6. ALL Items inside the Magnificent and Marvelous Mystery Box - Because they can buy the Magnificent and Marvelous Mystery Box with Gold Coins they basically have all the items inside it. if he is suddenly displaying alot of Lucky Cats, Pots of Gold or Tree Stained Glass Panel, Basically they got it on buying the Magnificent Mystery Box.

7. All the Treasure Baits Items - This is the Original Version of the Hack.

8. They got ALL the Regular Fishes and Cash Fishes - if they really not like fishing and suddenly he has ALL the fishes, they are hacked.

9. The Butterfly Cocoon

and the list goes on.........
the question now is, what item would be next?
and what will Playfish DO about this?

something should be done.

this post is to be updated. share your thoughts, comment above!

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