Hotel City Promotion: Get up to 10 Playfish Cash!

Playfish is giving away 10 Playfish Cash when you play Hotel City!
i already played the game and i admit that the game is really nice! its like Pet Society and Restaurant City combined!

Here are the details of this promotion:
If you install the game, you will get 2 Playfish Cash!
if you reach Level 10, you will get 4 Playfish Cash!
if you reach Level 25, you will get another 4 Playfish Cash!
Take Note: They will credit the Playfish Cash AFTER APRIL 16! the promotion will end at that day as well.

The good thing about this is, the Playfish Cash is shared among all playfish games. so if you dont like using it on pet society, you can use it to restaurant city or country story.

so what are you waiting for? play it now! :)

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