April 12, 2010 [Japanese Week]

Konichiwa everyone! It looks like the item for this week is all about Japanese. Now let's study the rich culture of Japan. Here comes the Land of Rising Sun.

The Futon Bed is nice but i think it would look better on the shade of blue instead of pink or brown. The Kotatsu is so kawai especially with the sleeping cat! The manga shelf is a nice item for those anime lovers out there.

The princess doll looks so cute in that pink kimono. The teru teru bozo reminds me of ghostkerchief from another game. The second installment to the painting collection is so great with the wave/water element on it. Origamis sure do give us a lot of preview on how creative Japanese people really are.

That Hot Spring reminds me of Saunas. Too bad i think the Spring is too expensive(?) The stone lantern would be much better if it will have a luminous effect on the middle for a more Japanese ambiance :D

The tatami flooring is sooooo kawai! It would really make my pet feel like a Japanese together with the help of the Zen Door and the Traditional Wallpaper!

The Kimonos are so nice! Although my pet Moonlighter is kinda sad cause once again the Clothing Store has been dominated by clothing for female pets *sobs* The school uniform reminds me of Sailor Moon *evil grins*

A door that would lead you to another room. A great view of Mt. Fuji. A Yatai (food stall in Japan that sells out Ramen and other street foods). And a blue and pink dye?! What more can you ask for? Oh there is something we can ask for! Make it coin and not cash items :P

Last but not the least the mystery bento. There is only one thing i can think of when i hear bento :P Sushi!

Anyway, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu for reading this short article about the rich culture of Japan, Pet Society Style!

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