Pet Society New Feature: TREASURE HUNT [UPDATED w/ Pics and Info]

and yes, we are having a new feature! Playfish HAS alot of SURPRISES! :)
this is a repost of what Air posted 3 hours ago plus additional info/and pics!

you could also check the post of Pet Society Cat!

What is Treasure Hunt?
Treasure Hunt is a new feature that lets you dig for treasure. Currently there is one map where you can dig, the Town Forest.

Picture above credits to Aiori!
What items can I find?
Items that you find in Treasure Hunt are not available anywhere else. You can find a number of different kinds of treasure. In the Town Forest, there are 10 cool treasures, plus the extremely rare Forest Aquarium. Can you find it? What about the special weekly themed item? Collect all seven pieces for the Dinosaur Skeleton, then display it proudly in your room.

Can treasures be gifted?
Yes, you can send treasures to a friend, just like normal items

How much are treasures worth?
The value of each treasure in the Town Forest ranges from 50 coins up to 5,000 for the Forest Aquarium.

How do I get free shovels?
Every day you get up to two free shovels to use that day. If you don't use them, you lose them! Of course any shovels that you have bought are yours to use any day you like.

Why don't I see where I dug before?
Whenever you leave the Town Forest, the map will reset. You of course keep whatever treasures you found, but will have to start digging again in a different part of the forest.

Will there be more treasures and map sites?
You bet!

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