Goodbye, Princess Bed and Red Bubble Chair!

Princess Beds and Red Bubble Chairs went into Clearance Sale last March. they reduced the resell price from 4999 to 2499. then after the sale happened, the beds and chairs are gone in the shops. BUT they returned the RESELL VALUE INTO 4999 FOR ONLY 3 WEEKS. Now that its been 3 weeks already, you have only LESS than a day to either SELL THEM back into the in game's cashier or YOU MAY WANT TO TRADE THEM as they will be going back into 2499. you have less than 24 hours to do that.

i just traded my 4999s. will i ever keep them? no.. :)
i just kept 5 chairs and 5 beds for remembrance. :)
and yeah, we must not expect that the value of the 2 items will be higher in the trading area since alot of people has them. :)

take care you all. :)

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