Major Changes in Pet Society!

so i thought on compiling the changes that have been made awhile ago in Pet Society. They indeed made a MAJOR UPDATE on the Game and on there official blog as well. I think we must get used to this change starting now. NOT UNLESS they will revert it back to normal which I doubt since they change everything and reverting it back to normal is useless. the only thing left unchanged is our rooms. (im not joking here hahaah)

Im actually open to changes. but that doesn't mean i support the updates. we must all move forward to a better game. this game is competitive enough and it must also change. Imagine, all other games are evolving and Pet Society is stuck on its boring state... dont you think players will quit?

i asked permission to
merchas7m4 , a member of the official Playfish forum wether i could borrow some of his pics for this post - as i am lazy to make a screenshot in the game. merchas7m4 agreed! :D Thank You Dear! Thread of merchas7m4, click me!

New Map of Pet Society
on the Negative Side...
i think they ruined everything here. the map is just not Pet Society anymore... :( if you saw a copied chinese version of Pet Society, you can tell that they made it similar to it.

The Game Screen is wider. Secret Garden and Tree House IS NOW WIDER as well.
on the Positive Side...
okay, i love wider screens :) and it will help us not to press the right arrow longer.

New Portion for our Neighbors
on the Positive Side...
i think i love this. this will make the area neat and a bit organized. and i noticed that they only did this so that they could retain the old Layout.

You receive the same coins no matter who you visit
the coins for visits are now:
35 coins for your first 50 visits each day,
20 coins for the next 25,
and 15 coins thereafter
on this note, they removed the active and visits tab

on the Positive Side...
okay, its about time they increased the coins... but i hope they will make it 50.

3000 coins when you logged in after the Update!
on the Positive Side...
Thanks Mayor!

New Buttons!
on the Negative Side...
ita too colorful and too childish for me i think? the button for saving and vice versa is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG! they should make it 50% smaller that the current state! and i noticed there is no button for all the shops - so we are forced to go outside just to visit the shops!

Books Merged!
on the Positive Side...
okay i think this is neater and more organized!

Chest and Wardrobe Categories!!
on the Positive Side...
of all the things that have been updated today, this is the particular thing that i love!!
they should add more chest categories! like wallpaper and flooring or MI Category so that it is organized

Pet Society Blog will post Spoilers!
on the Negative Side...
Its obvious whats behind to this. PS Sites (including us) are posting spoilers and i think they are doing a cover up because they cant deny that some people were able to pass through to there game.

Camera -We can include our Pets in the Picture!
on the Positive Side...
about time. this was pointed out by Pet Society Anonymous. and i agreed to her. now it is implemented!

so i think there were some Positive and Negative Effects of this latest Game Update. some are used to the old one while for some likes the new changes. i am neutral as of the moment. hahaha!

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