Anteater Plushie Info:


hey guys! have you noticed that this doll is not available in shops???
Yes... this doll can never be bought nor found in stores..I don't know but an info has been circulating in the trader forum that this doll can be obtained as a prize at the lottery wheel after five days of logging in.. I already have this doll and I dont know if the reason why a lot of players do have a great population of this doll in their chest is because they have cloned this doll.
but tomorrow i'll see if I will have this doll at the lottery wheel as a prize because an info has been circulating that after five days of logging in, you'll have this. So tomorrow, it's my 5th day of logging in so I'll test my luck and see if i'll win it. BTW this cute purple doll is called the "anteater plushie"

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