Updates for this week. :)

after two and a half hours. i was able to update everything [finally!]. it took 2hours kasi nag mumulti-tasking ako.. i am chatting with my friends and at the same time updating the site. :)

there are actually 2 things to celebrate today!

1. The Tree Database of Pet Society Philippines is [FINALLY] available for viewing. this database is up to date. do check them out.. :)

2. I personally asked Sorani, a member of the Playfish Forum if we could borrow her Fishing Guide for this site. :) SHE AGREED. so this week, our Fishes in the Pond will be updated with all the fishes you can get from the Pond. Thank You Ms. Sorani. :)

ayun, happy lang ako kasi magiging [sort off] complete na ang info's ng site natin. :)
pasensya pala it took until today to update everything. Monday is not my update talaga. :) since i only have 2 hands [the left and the right :)] and i have a slow Laptop [donations please?? :), CLICK THE ADS BELOW NA MAKIKITA NYO, FYI: IT WONT HARM YOUR COMPUTER, THUS YOU ARE HELPING ME IF YOUR CLICKING THAT :)] magiging matagal talaga ang pag update ng site. :) my staff's are not into it since nasa akin ang hard file at gusto ko ako mag uupdate ng ibang parte site [dolls, fishes, trees at flowers].

anyway, i am again looking for Photoshop Staff, who can do basic photoshop [basic lang, madali lang naman pinapagawa ko, syemepre plus factor if expert ka :)]. email us at petsocietyphilippines@ymail.com WE WANT YOU ASAP.

and another thing... THIS IS THE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT OF OUR FACEBOOK PAGE --> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pet-Society-Philippines/210879971239 i am aware that there are currently 3 Pet Society Philippines that appear in the search Bar in Facebook. HINDI KAMI YUN. :)

finally, asahan nyo may bagong post kada linggo kaya palagi kayo bumisita okay? and again, click the ADS!! :)
PS: our dolls database, flowers database is also updated today.

nagtala tayo nung Friday at Saturday ng super rameng visitors! actually nung pinost ko yun Deer Plushie free link nung October, marame din naging visitors ang site. :)

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