ALERT! Playfish WILL ban you if you hacked Pirates Ahoy!

while browsing the forum with the latest complaints (lol - hahahaha) i came across this thread posted by a Playfish Employee!
Dear players,

We are aware that some players are currently engaging in hacking activities in our newest game, Pirates Ahoy!, and therefore we are identifying such users and banning them with immediate effect. Please be aware that such a ban occurs across ALL Playfish games.

Whilst the vast majority of our players do not engage in hacking it is important that we identify and remove those that do to maintain a positive playing experience for others.

Please be vigilant against users who encourage you to engage in such activities and if anyone feels they have been banned by mistake then this issue can be raised with Playfish Support.

in other words... those who have nicer islands or you have level 1 million (lol) you are a candidate for a game ban. and take note. they are not banning you only in Pirates Ahoy, they will BAN YOU IN ALL PLAYFISH GAMES.

in my opinion, yes its there right to ban and all, but hey, WHAT DID THEY DO WHEN the massive cheating and hacking in Restaurant City and Pet Society happened? the hackers didn't only hack the normal items BUT THEY HACK THE CASH ITEMS. you may want to refer to this post -->

my point, why BAN now? they should HAVE done this a long time ago. there trading forum has lots of them.. users selling mystery items that are just released within seconds. users who trade gazillions of 3333s and 6666s to get money (cc) from others.

those people should be banned.

im just upset because of there delayed reaction. they should have done the banning BEFORE. not now that its too late already.

PS: since im busy, i stopped playing Pirates Ahoy and i just only reached level 8.

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