Pet Society Spoilers for Monday June 21, 2010

Holiday Bear PlushieTropical Flamingo Cocktail

Orange CoralPink Neon TetraBlue Anemone
Happy Kitty Plushie (Weekly Digging Special)

Tropical Beach Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)
Tropical Beach Floor (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Tropical Sunset Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)
Tropical Sunset Floor (Walls & Floors)
Tiki Hut Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) (TWS)Tiki Hut Floor (Walls & Floors)
Tiki Wall Torch (Fixtures & Fittings)

Green Striped Beach Umbrella (Garden – Furniture) (TWS)Orange Striped Beach Umbrella (Garden – Furniture)Pink Striped Beach Umbrella (Garden – Furniture) (TWS)
Blue Bucket (Furniture – Living)Pink Bucket (Furniture – Living) (TWS)
Suntan Cream (Furniture – Living)Beach Bag (Furniture – Living) (TWS)Suntan Oil (Furniture – Living) (TWS)
Green Striped Beach Towel (Garden – Furniture) (TWS)Orange Striped Beach Towel (Garden – Furniture)
Pink Striped Beach Towel (Garden – Furniture) (TWS)Tropical Tiki Bar (Furniture – Living)
Tropical Tiki Chair (Furniture – Living)Tropical Tiki Stool (Furniture – Living)
Tiki Patio (Garden – Furniture)Pet Tiki Statue (Garden – Furniture) (TWS)
Orange Kite (Market – Cool Stuff)Purple Surfboard (Market – Cool Stuff) (TWS)
Tropical Volcano (Boutique – Amazing Items) (Limited)

Tropical Waterfall (Collaborative)
Magic Sand (Garden – Furniture) (TWS)Enchanted Sand Castle (from Magic Sand)

Hibiscus Hairclip (Girls) (TWS)White Swimming Suit (Girls) (TWS)White Flip Flops (Boys & Girls) (TWS)
Orange Lily Hairclip (Girls)Orange Swimming Suit (Girls)Orange Summer Shoes (Boys & Girls)
Tropical Flower Necklace (Girls)Tropical Flowers Shorts (Boys)Tropical Flowers Wreath (Accessories)
Tropical Flower Crown (Girls) (TWS)Tiki Dancer Flower Outfit (Girls) (TWS)Tropical Flower Bracelet (Girls) (TWS)
Yellow Rubber Ring (Accessories)Tropical Flowers Anklet (Girls) (TWS)Pink Rubber Ring (Accessories) (TWS)

Blue Tennis Racket (WS)Orange Tennis Racket (WS)Pink Tennis Racket (WS)
Purple Tennis Visor (WS)Purple Tennis Outfit (WS)
Purple Tennis Arm Band (WS)Purple Tennis Sneakers (WS)
Grey Tennis Headband (WS)Black Tennis Top (WS)White Tennis Arm Band (WS)
Black Tennis Shorts (WS)Black Tennis Sneakers (WS)
Pink Tennis Headband (WS)Pink Tennis Outfit (WS)
Pink Tennis Arm Band (WS)Pink Tennis Sneakers (WS)
White Tennis Visor (WS)White Tennis Top (WS)Blue Tennis Arm Band (WS)
White Tennis Shorts (WS)White Tennis Sneakers (WS)
Purple Sport Shades (WS)Blue Sport Shades (WS)Pink Sport Shades (WS)
Blue Tennis Bag (WS)Tennis Bundle Box (WS)Pink Tennis Bag (WS)

WWF Baby Orca Whale (swims in aquariums)WWF Baby Humpback Whale (swims in aquariums)
WWF Sea Turtle PlushieWWF Baby Blue Whale (swims in aquariums)
WWF Underwater GrottoWWF Underwater Grotto Room (unlocked with purchase of WWF Underwater Grotto and acts like an aquarium)
WWF Deep Sea ArchWWF Underwater Bundle

Black Cat Tail (from Animal Costume Bag)Animal Costume Bag (Boutique – Beautiful Items)Leopard Tail (from Animal Costume Bag)
Black Cat Hairband (from Animal Costume Bag)Fox Hairband (from Animal Costume Bag)Leopard Hairband (from Animal Costume Bag)

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