Evolving Marble Statue

As promised, here is the final stage of the Evolving Marble Statue. There are three (3) possible final stages you can get. And they are...

First on the line is the Statue of Hermes... Although Hermes is known to not own any wing but the winged sandals totally gave him all out. He could be any god without the sandals. Hermes is known to be the messenger of Gods.

For the second one, I believe that she is Persephone. Persephone as the Spring Goddess and not as the Queen of Hades. Although that is my perception I still subject myself to correction since i myself also think that it could be Persephone's Mother Demeter. Persephone usually portrayed with a grain in her hands while Demeter is portrayed with wheat... So i think it is either the two of them since both of them are somehow related to Nature.

Last but definitely not the least, Poseidon with his trademark trident. Poseidon is the God of Sea and everything water. Poseidon is also known as the "Earthshaker" of earthquakes in Greek Mythology. He is one of the most important gods and sailors often prayed to him for a safety voyage. He is known for creating islands and calming the sea. As long as he is not ignored or offended he won't cause any earthquakes, chaotic springs, drowning, and shipwreck with just a struck of his trident into the ground. That is it for now! See you on Monday for the Monday updates. Ciao!

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