Pet Society New Feature - TREASURE HUNTING


Pet Society released another "exciting" feature! Its called... TREASURE HUNTING! :D

(sorry i cant post some pictures now, im using my father's laptop and it lags too much specially when im saving and uploading pictures :x)

How to hunt:

1. Click the "Hunt for Treasure" button between Take a Photo and Notice Board -OR- you can go out of your pet's house and click World Map below Food Shop
2. Click the Town Forest (the one that obviously looks like a forest. ^_^)
3. An in-game window will appear. Select Dig Now

(You are now on the Hunting Site)
Now to start hunting for treasures, click the Buy! button on the lower right of the screen. 5 Digs cost 300 coins.

How to Dig:
Just click on the ground! It will say if you found an item or not. :D

For now, i haven't seen the complete list of TH items. but this are the items i got:

Notice that there is a strange cloud in the lower right of the world map. if you hover your mouse on it, it says "coming soon". meaning, it will be opened after a few weeks! :D

again, im sorry i cant provide too much pictures for now :x but you can try viewing their blog at

thanks for reading!

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