OFF TOPIC: My encounter with IPAD. [small review]

yes, i tried it. and it sucks.... well it sucks for me. :))

IPAD is... simply a bigger version of Iphone.

since the IPAD is running on the same operating system of Itouch and Iphone, it simply means you cant play any Flash Games on it. yes, you heard me right NO FLASH GAMES on IPAD. Pet Society and all Playfish Games wont load in IPAD since all the Playfish games are in Flash. its not only the games of Playfish but majority of Facebook games are not loading as well.

i tried running Zynga's Mafia Wars, i was able to load but it was slow. i was able to do jobs as well but the keyboard keeps popping up when i do jobs. i think Zynga's games will load on IPAD since they are not using Flash. but since Mafia Wars is slow, i bet Farmville is more slower (i dont play FV so i wont know haha)

so for those enthusiast out there who wants to try this one.. your missing nothing. :) theres nothing really new in IPAD.

No Flash
No USB Ports (how on earth will i connect my Hard Drive if there is no USB ports??)

but well on the good side, it has crispy resolution so if you got pimples/acne you will see it clearly there, and i like the touch screen idea as well and like the Iphone, i was able to play the car game (i forgot the name) so i was stupidly moving left and right like im controlling the car (you know what i mean :))

so that goes my mini review of the IPAD. :) what do you think?

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