Monday Items [June 21, 2010]

It's summer once again on pet soc. A summer view in the game would be nice with all this raining and wind blowing happening here in the Philippines. To start our monday updates let's go and see what the garden has to offer for us... *starts walking around town* Tara kaibigan, usap tayo!

Another intriguing item from ps and alas! it is not cash item! I will keep you readers updated with the morphing phase of that mysterious sand ;). And now to proceed to our never ending list of umbrella and mats :o. I remember back then of having an umbrella a little like this one. Although i like it more since it is blue lol. Tiki patio is one of the items i love in this new items. It surely completes the summer look :). The pet tiki Statue is just plain... ADORABLE! The dancing and moving simply stuns me :P Moving on!

Now with those pesky hard to get and expensive cash shop items... The tropical waterfalls is just plain lovely but! it is sooo expensive :( the WWF bundle contains so good secret room and a lot of nice fish or rather whales :P but as always, is anyone willing to spend that far just to get these adorable critters of the sea? I rather watch them in my friends house cause i certainly won't buy it :P The animal costumes, cute but expensive :K Everything cute just have to be expensive :P Moving On!

With the Tiki bar around im sure it will be one of those items that are a must for everyone out there :) Another tiki item revamp is the tropical tiki chair :K although it's a revamp i still think the old one is better :( Those buckets, tanning oil and cream with the bag surely completes a summer vacation for our lovely pets ayt?! Moving On!

With foods im sure every pet will enjoy the lolly and some refreshing tropical drinks. Not that great but also not bad for a refreshing summer look ;) Moving On!

With the D.I.Y., The tropical sunset wallpaper and flooring will give your summer a "survivor" look. lol The tropical beach is lovely and very much refreshing to look upon. I still think that the old tiki torch is more lovely than the new tiki wall torch :P The tiki hut w.p. and flooring would accommodate a lot of those old tiki items and new tiki items for welcoming visitors in a summer way. Moving On!

Lastly, but definitely not the least... The clothing shops! Now P.S. is surely spoiling our lovely pets with all these new clothes. Let's start with the Tennis Bundle. Me myself would really get that since i am a big fan of tennis/badminton. and the major plus is the 40% saving lol :P. With the gals and guys cloth i say it really look "summery" and very stylish if i must say but ALAS! only a little clothings for our guy pets :( *ish sad*. With all of that said... Mag decorate na! Now Na! :P

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