Spoilers for Monday, April 19, 2010

Green Pig Plushie Apple Room Scent
“I heart Earth” Bear Plushie (Market) (Toys & Collectibles) Playfish Eco Bag (Market) (Toys & Collectibles) Eco Tree Seed (Garden) (Gardening)
Eco Tree (from Eco Tree Seed) Eco Fruit (from Eco Tree)

Romantic Night Sky (Walls & Floors)
Rocky Garden Floor (Walls & Floors)
Golden Ballroom Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)
Golden Ballroom Carpet (Walls & Floors) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Carpet (Walls & Floors)
Golden Staircase (Fixtures & Fittings) (TWS) Blue Staircase (Fixtures & Fittings)
Golden Ballroom Window (Windows & Doors) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Window (Windows & Doors)
Golden Ballroom Column (Fixtures & Fittings) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Column (Fixtures & Fittings)
Blue Party Balloon (Party & Gifts) Blue Star Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS) White Party Balloon (Party & Gifts) (TWS)
Glowing Prom Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS) Luminous Wall Light (Party & Gifts)
Golden Balloons Arch Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS) Blue Balloons Arch Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS)

Set up a fantastic feast and fruit punch with the Prom Buffet Table new to the Furniture Store!

Prom Buffet Table (Living) (TWS)
Purple Rose Cake (Grocery)
Blue Ribbon Gazebo (Furniture) (PF-Cash) Romantic Blue Bench (Furniture)
Elegant Black Gate (Furniture) Elegant Black Lamp Post (Furniture) Elegant Black Fence (Furniture)
Pink Prom Ribbon (Girls) (TWS) Pink Lace Prom Dress (Girls) (TWS)
Black Prom Gloves (Girls) (TWS) Pink Lace Prom Shoes (Girls) (TWS)
Prom Tuxedo Shirt (Boys) Prom Tuxedo Pants (Boys) White Prom Shoes (Boys)
Black Prom Ribbon (Girls) Black Lace Prom Dress (Girls)
White Prom Gloves (Girls) Black Lace Prom Shoes (Girls)
Blue Prom Queen Crown (Girls) (TWS) Blue Prom King Crown (Boys) (TWS)
Queen Of Prom Purple Dress (Girls) (TWS) Queen Of Prom Blue Dress (Girls) (TWS)
Purple Orchid Corsage (from Mystery Corsage Pot) Mystery Corsage Pot (Garden – Gardening) (Clothes – Accessories) Red Rose Corsage (from Mystery Corsage Pot)
Prom Crown Poster (Amazing Items)
Ladybug Flower Plot Pot (Amazing Items) Butterfly Flower Plot Pot (Amazing Items) Bumblebee Flower Plot Pot (Amazing Items)
Shopaholic Credit Card (Amazing Items) Splendid Mystery Box (Amazing Items)

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