Pet Society Update Summary - April 15TH [BY SHAINABEAR]

I'm on a *sick leave* in playing Pet Society and all Playfish Games today till Sunday. im just S-I-C-K with all those SECRET LIMITS AND UNPATCHED CHEATS. cmon Playfish, Im a FAN since I started playing your games... i do not deserve what is going on in Pet Society!

I was browsing the main Playfish forum today and I saw an excellent thread. Shainabear complied what is going on this past days...

anyway i sent her a message in Facebook asking if i could copy-paste her post for this site, she agreed! THANK YOU SHAINA!!


Pet Society Update Summary - April 15TH
Can be found here:


Everyone is searching and scrambling about to find out about what is going on. I am going to go ahead and make a thread about all the information in one place: It is both much easier and convenient plus the forum might be less spammed that way if questions are answered here. I will begin with the obvious:

* New mystery items have been released: Golden Star Decor (RMB), Purple Party Balloon (BMB), Classy Kitty (GMB), Pink Prom Crown (TWS; GMB).

* Next week's theme is Prom combined with Earth Day.

* The Splendid Mystery Box that comes out next week just has normal, past shop items that are no longer obtainable. It is the third set of the Cash Shop boxes.

* The diary gender bug has now been fixed and you can also view other pet's diaries by clicking the diary icon when you visit them.

(This may or may not be fixed.) IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do NOT purchase the 39,000 coin package from the 'add coins' button. This is still unstable

Now for the not so obvious:
* The EARNING limit every DAY is now 65,000 coins. Meaning, brushing/washing pets, racing, selling back to the shop, etc. is now limited to a total of 25,000-75,000 coins per day. Whether this is permanent or not has not yet been disclosed. If you go over this limit you will receive this error: code:1911 confirmedSaveVersion 0. You will consequently be kicked out of the game, but you can return with your items safe. More information here: Saving. No one is sure about the time limit on the coins, whether it is 24 hours, reset at the new GMT day, or some other time.

* There is NO SPENDING LIMIT. Please do not get this confused. This has been tested by many players: No error has followed yet.

* If you are gifted a Glitter Apple or Butterfly Potion from a neighbor this has proven to be poisonous - you will no longer be able to save after you open the gift. You can either wait for an official statement from Playfish or google around for a quick fix. There is a solution, however, it might not be very 'honest.' Specifically, you will get this error: code: 3145, confirmedSaveVersion: 0.

* There is no current way to tell the difference between hacked items obtained through cheating and their legit counterparts. The one exception to the rule is the first edition hacked Fox Plushie which will have a golden circle in the upper right corner of it's icon. The second edition hacked Fox Plushies will not hold this emblem, so there is no way to tell.

* RUMOR: There is now a gifting limit. The limit is said to be somewhere from 100-500. I have found one thread with a picture that I am not sure where it has come from: Gifting.

Frequently Asked Questions:
* Question: So it is 65,000 coins TOTAL a DAY and then I error out? - Yes, and this includes brushing, washing, visiting, racing, selling back to shops and so on. Please look at this post by Boidae: Post

* Question: What can be hacked? - Simply put: Everything. There is not one item that is safe from being hacked, and this includes all CC items, all limited items, all TWS items, all special items, and so on.

* Question: What should I do when I receive a hacked item? - This is up to your discretion. Some keep the items and some sell them back or recycle them. I personally sell back the obvious hacked items, such as the Golden Mayor Award, but I have received the Butterfly Cocoons from random neighbors and I have decided to keep them. It is solely up to you, however, I do not think Playfish would punish those who received the gift, but those who sent it (if that much) to the player.

* Question: Is this permanent? - This has not yet been disclosed. No one knows this, or how Playfish will be dealing with the cheating and the hacking.

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