our thoughts about Pet Society in 2009!

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Well, 2009, it is the year that I have started to play pet society.... so maybe I am playing for at least a year now because if I'm not mistaken, I started to play January.... I really did not know that there is such a game in facebook tthat I will be addicted into and will be joining a blog about it! Luckily, now I am a contributor/editor of this blog which gives the opportunity to have more online friends and be able to receive updates regarding the game earlier than that of other players does.... I am also able to have free gifts from other staffs of this blog particularly to prince_don and zathena!

Well going back to the game... 2009 has been a good year for me as a player and at the same tume an addict to the game. I was able to see and buy different items available on the game as each week passes by. and also I was also able to sell a lot of items which, some of the items that I have sold gave me a lot of regret!.... I also remember the tiumes when I was saving coins and waiting untirelessly and excitedly for the items that will be available to stores... At first, I wasnt aware that there are some blogs that were created for players to read. I was just playing and playing not knowiing of any of the updates that the game has.... But despite of the lack of fetures of the game that will make it more exciting, players got addicted to it and as days pass by, pet society was able to get a lot of players which as what other informants says, the players of pet society is alot more than that of the players of the world of warcraft!imagine how big the population of the players are?????

Others may also say that pet society has not been able to possesa great effects like other games, the game also doesnt have the 3D effects like what its competitors posseses, but pet society still managed to reatain its position and beat any other games...... It is undoubtedly that pet society is number one when it comes to pet games because of a lot of copycats that exists trying to steal its place.....

As i play the game... I remember that when I started I only got less than five hundred gold coins which means that I can only afford to buy those "cheap" items from pet society and I always regret buying golden mystery boxes which are then placed on the furniture shop. Before pet society has only a little features... then there has never been a mystery store, a gadget store, pond, garden and as what I have heard from the earlier members, even the cafe.... Imagine how booring the game was during that time!

I was also able to recommend it to mhy friends! my friends also liked it and actually some of them even passed my level! 2009, I was also able to try how cheats works and honestly, I only cheated once!!!! that's true and as a matter of fact, before when I was still not a member of this blog. I answered a poll and left a comment at the chatter box that I dontt cheat because if I can get all the money and the paw points that I want, what's more left top play! I'm sure that prince_don still remember how he answered to my comment and said that we can still play with the decorations......

I really loved to go back to rhe times when I was just starting to play pet society because there a lot of good things that are worth going back!

all in all, here are some of the things that I really loved about 2009, I was able to join this blog in which the other staffs and contributors became my second family and I was able to play pet society and be with my pet through the darker times of my life. Pet society has really been my friend and the depression eraser of mine! =D

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It’s very fascinating to know that many of Pet Society gamers have played this lovely game not just for a month but for a year! Some may not have been playing for that long but still everyone managed to see that the game is truly magnificent and exciting to play. For those oldies, let’s refresh our memory for the highlights of this year game play. While for those new players, read this article to learn more about Pet Society in the year 2009. Well then what are we waiting for? Let the flashback begin!

January is the time where Pet Society starts getting many of their users today. It was this time when PS hits 5.8M users all over the world and become second most popular game on Facebook. A new establishment has been introduced in late January and that is the “CafĂ©”, a place for the pets to buy Muffins, Lattes and Coffee Machine. Also PS let the pets to play the toys like robots and teddy bears. Let’s move to the next month, Shall we?

February it is one of those times when users celebrated having a total of 9 rooms. The total number of rooms jumped from six to nine. One of the great news for those who just love to decorate. It is also the time when PS says that they get a good increase in the number of male players. This just proves that PS is not just for gals and it is for everybody.

March is one of those not so highlighted time of the year for PS. Nothing exciting did happen this year except giving birth to Rainbow Poo. As of March 30, 2009, PS reported that there is only one known pet to own the exclusive poo at this month.

April, this is a time when a lot of expensive furniture appeared in the furniture store. A month where a lot of users go gaga over a potion named Glitter Apple that have an effect of making your pet sparkle and shine like a star. The potion is a total hit with peeps who love shiny things.

May, is when Chinese inspired Halter neck and some Japanese inspired outfits was released in the market. And beside there’s nothing exciting so let’s just skip this month. Okay?

June, in this month is the release of those big yellow eyes as a tribute for Michael Jackson. This is also the month when PS decides to release some beach items and some beach outfits.

July, this is one of the biggest downfall in PS history. This is the time of the year when a lot of players cannot go in the game due to a lot of maintenance being performed by Playfish. A lot of players are very disappointed for not having their daily visits and daily look at their lovely pets. Anyway enough with the bad things let’s proceed with the good things. Kudos to PS for hitting 13.4 PS addicts, errrr… I mean users. Also another great work released in this month is the Fishing System together with the lovely Pond. Fishing using foods have been a hit to many users but like all the good things somebody have to hate it *shakes fist at haters*. Too many highlights for this month eh?! Let’s proceed to the next month please!
August, is when PS starts to have a lot of sales and clearance on some of luxury and DIY’s items. The long maintenance still continues to bring some havoc to the lives of many users. 24 hours maintenance happened on August 18, 2009. This month is also the start for PS to release items that glows in the dark.

September, a lot of golden and rainbow poo have been seen in the market because of the latest hacking which results to a landslide in PS economy. Traders, Sellers, and Buyers are so affected with the economy downfall. A new system has been introduced to the public. The Sticker Collection is not that of a big hit like the fishing system but still it is loved by some of the users of PS. With a new system come some new awards for it. For the fashion update, wigs are also released in this month. Also one of the coolest thing has been introduced, the invisible ring. Longer rooms could be purchased with CC.

October, Hideeni comes into town. Hideeni is a random pet who gives out some cute dolls for your friends to enjoy if you find him hiding in shops, your house or friend’s house. Also a time when everything is very expensive and PS released some newer versions of 2008’s Halloween item due to the cloning that has been happening.

November is when EA games decided to buy Playfish. A lot of questions and rumors go around as this happens. One of the questions asked is “Would PS be a better game or would it downfall in EA’s hand?” We would know the answer in some time next year as the game progress. This is also the month when Nannybot is introduced, a robot who feeds, makes your pet happy, and baths your pet. The downfall of Nannybot is that you have to give it batteries for it to work and batteries cost too much.

December, Cooking System is introduced to everyone together with a free microwave. Although there are still problems in this system, still we can say that it is one great year ender improvement. Also everyone receives a large snow globe, also a great year ender gift.

With all that said, I can say proudly that although PS have some rough times they manage to get through everything and improve more and serve more players throughout the world. After those flashbacks I’m sure that everyone will be waiting for yet another exciting year from PS. Kudos to Playfish and Pet Society.

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2009 has been a really big year for me for pet society. It’s the year where I became a serious player in pet society. Back then I was satisfied into visiting friends and buying lots of stuff. But a couple of months ago, last September I think, I discovered a house full of cash shop items so I asked that person how many real money did he spend to gain all those cash shop items. He told me none, he traded his PS gold coins for the cash shop coins. I had no clue what he was talking about so I asked him to teach me how to trade. That’s when I discovered what trading was all about. After discovering trading I really got into the game. I met lots of new friends, learned so much about trading, and became active about the game. Not long after, I discovered the PSP site and didn’t hesitate to volunteer and share my newfound passion for pet society. I cant wait for next year and what Pet Society has in store for us! I sure hope they give us Philippine Week. Right now my pet is busy preparing for my New Year’s Ball. Who wants to join my pet? Grab a mask and we’ll party all night long.

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i was actually been forced by my classmate to play Pet Society around April of 2009. i was so bored at that time and i saw alot of notifications about it, so i give it a try. when i was asked to create my pet, thats where i started to get addicted into Pet Society. everything was user friendly. no tutorials needed. :)

i am a low level pet and have alot of cheap items then. there was a point that i was so pressured because all of my friends have nicer house than mine. so i started to be more active - visiting friends and everything. i didnt know that a forum, trading, and a cheat exist until i researched further.

the time i started playing pet society was also the time that a money cheat is running and working. i wasnt able to try that out since i dont know how to use the required applications so i played the game on how was it supposed to be played - visiting neighbors, washing and feeding them and bumping trees. :) it was fun. :)

i met alot of cool people because of Pet Society. i met my twin - well not literally my twin but we shared 95& things in common and that makes us a twin. :) he was from Thailand. :) he was so generous and he always gifts me MI's or his extra items. i also met from the Playfish Forum my fellow Filipinos who also Play Pet Society. we call ourselves, Philippine Well since we make it a point to chat in that thread.

Cheats was patched by June 2009, and the Garden Feature was released. July was like a Hell month for pet society since the active users of Pet Society tripled and there server cant take it so they put some people on fake maintenance.

rainbow poo was a myth. until a cheat to make a rainbow poo emerged. before Rainbow Poo's is sold at 4million gold coins, now it is worthless.

the trading forum is like a ground for greedy people too. selling stupid items at 80x4999. until another glitch was discovered by October of 2009. this time you can bring back some old NIS items in shops. i am not a hypocrite to admit i didnt used it, because i did. it wasnt a cheat in my own opinion, it was a glitch that Pet Society didnt see it before. until now, it is still working in some items.

recently, i got bored in playing Pet Society. and close into quitting too. :) but a friend of mine reminded me, hey your the owner of pet society philippines, and you will quit? thats shit man! hahaha

i will leave you some of the pictures of my house before and now. this is to prove that if you work harder, you can achieve this items. :) remember, Pet Society is not and overnight game. you cant be rich overnight, you must work to be rich. this applies to all the games and in real life too :)

my doll room before.

my doll room NOW

My kitchen before:
My kitchen now:

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