aki's 99 collection project.

i have recieved few emails regarding my pet's name in pet society. well folks, his name is AKI [just his nickname, i cant post his full name since he might tracked down by playfish and they might get jealous with the items i have :)] some emails i received was stupid, some where beggars and half of it was SPAM. guys, please dont send me SPAM, i dont read them. if i am a 8 year old idiot i will read and believe them. all of the SPAM emails i received so far indicates that i won millions of dollars. if i add them all up, ill be bilionaire by now. hahah :)

anyway i wanna share to you my 99 collections in Pet Society, sorry if the image is heavily watermark, im just avoiding that somebody might use my images, us google analytics said that alot of people is copying down my pictures here in the site - well i dont care :)
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well i hoarded some of the 2009 xmas items. ill gonna sell them by middle of this year. to gain little profit. heavens knows that the forum is controlled before by people who are greedy, and i wanna change that mentality. when people sell things high - ill sell low. in that way, ill gonna make a change in a forum. if someone sells low, they will follow.

aki loves to hoard cheap items less than 500-750 coins because its a sure 100% profit when you sell it in the forum.

i also hoarded some of the 2008 items. well i just love to see 99 collections in my chest

how did i acheived this 99 items? i used Pet Society glitches. believe me, they are glitches and not cheats. well i am not a hypocrite to admit that i used Fiddler in getting some of the 2008 items but i think Fiddler is a glitch too. Fiddler is not a cheat. Shopmaker is not a cheat also as i pointed this one out before because Shopmaker is just there to bring back old items, at the end of the day you still need to earn coins to get the items you want in Shopmaker and Fiddler.

i have ALL 99 2008 food before but i gifted some of them with my friends and newbie players so my 99 2008 foods where less than 70 by now. :)

Playfish should sort out the Chest soon. they should do similar with Restaurant City chest that everything is categorized.and they should put a counter as well.

Aki loves to show off once in awhile, hahahaha :)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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